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Monday, May 14, 2018 (1072 days ago)
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Welcome on the shitfest MX page! - a storage room for old and used shitfest maps.

About shitfest
Initially founded by luxxe and schoberus, later taken over by juvo, followed by Team Professionals and now being hosted by   Taxon, shitfest has established itself as one of the most popular weekly fun events.

In short
- What? Mixed/random-style (almost) weekly cup
- Where? TM2 Stadium (competition titlepack)
- When? Mondays at 8pm (20:00) CE(S)T
- Duration? About 45-60 minutes per edition
- Mode: rounds (points limit: - /-)
- Map pool of 15 short maps (AT < 1 minute)
- One warm-up, one live round
- Winner will be the player with most points after all 15 maps have been played

- shitfest Discord: https://discord.gg/yvtACfj
- Our maniaplanet server: maniaplanet://#join=tpcup@esl_comp@lt_forever

Newest Map
Length: 1 min
WR:  -
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