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Thursday, September 22, 2011 (3355 days ago)
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 20 hours ago
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Hey guys :d

Someone remembers me?^^ I'm around in TM since 2006 (?), I don't know exactly, well for quite a while.
If there is a way to describe my tracks in one word it would be...."hard"?^^
My tracks in TMUF were all in all quite innovative and difficult. So I think this style will continue in TM2.
By the way I'd like to thank everyone who supports me in any way. :d
And a huge shout out to the whole :TMX:-crew, you rawk! ;)

So let's face some of my projects:

My [mtc] tracks:

    - No Duo tracks yet -
If you want to build a duo track with me, feel free to send me a pm. I'll check it out. ;)

Community Projects:

Favourite Authors:


If you want to add me to your TM-buddylist, feel free to do so! My login is: tobbe3333
Also I'd love to see some TM-Faces in Starcraft 2! Tobbe #158

greez: Tobbe
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