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Saturday, June 2, 2012 (3157 days ago)
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 5 years ago
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Hey guys !;)

I am a 18 years old german mapper ! i play Tm since the origanal(l)
Canyon is the first game i play for such a long time and i think i am getting better in driving and of course mapping !:)

You can devide my maps in two different styles.
My Fullspeed maps are high transitional with many nice drifts and some new ideas !
My Speedtech maps are flowy:d:d and of course i try to make something new and fresh !;)

My best Fullspeed map :

My best Speedtech map :

My duo map with Alrie :

Some maps you really should try :

Test404. by   gado

Newest Map
Length: 45 secs
WR:  00:44.398
 5   10
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