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Wednesday, February 27, 2013 (3074 days ago)
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 1 year ago
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hello, my name is Mark, i'm from the netherlands
I'm Also known as Varkensrollade from tmforever/united
i like to build Maps because i like to make people happy with it(happier if people like it and want to hunt on it)
even if my tracks are bad, i keep building and hope people will like some Maps of me one day
also i'm busy with building a Map Pack.
ATM i'm updating my current track maps so you can play them on TM²
each level of the track contains 30 track A-Z +extra1-3 +final

I Recently updated All the fleshy shorts 1-70 to ManiaPlanet4, also the Mini Tech 1 & 2

i gonna update the MapPack asap. but...

------------------------------created-----added on MX
Level 1 : completed-----:done:---------:done:
Level 2 : some weird maps gonna land in the trashbin and will make place for new tracks
Level 3 : X
Level 4 : X
Level 5 : X

also i got some old Stadium tracks (mustly buggy and unsmooth)

if you like one of my tracks very much and want from me to put it on MX
send me a PM
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