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User Information
Username :   Red Shreder (933)
Registered : Saturday, August 20, 2011 (3145 days ago)
Website :
Location : France 
User Comments
Latest update 16/12/2013 :done:

Welcome to my MX trackpage !

About me and my Trackmania Career

I discovered TM at the very beginning of TMO, where I started to build some long and awful tracks ^^ At the release of TM Nation, I stopped TM for a while, probably disappointed by the Stadium gameplay (yeah, I always disliked this environment, btw who didn't ? ^^). I missed the release of Trackmania United because I only bought it in 2008. During about one year, I only played offline and particularly in the solo mode, I also started to play with pad on all environments, in which I quickly improved my driving skills.

I joined my first team in December 2009, the Rocket Team. My TM Career really started when I took part in my very first competition, the Copper Millions Cup in January 2010. Then I linked the challenges/contests/competitions. I left Rocket Team because of inactivity in May 2013 and I am now in Rev clan (Race end Velocity).

From my favourite to the worst TMU environment : Desert, Rally, Coas,t Bay, Island, Snow, Stadium.
And TM² ones : Canyon, Stadium 2, Valley.

Some of my main achievements :

- DBC 9 (Des Bois Compétition) : 9th on 1300
- Maniaolympics : 12th in race contest after final, 2nd in platform after final
- DBC 10 : 8th on 605
- CMC 58 : :gold: on 64
- Giant Cup 10 : 12th after the final, GC10 Video
- 34 CMC participations
- TMXCh 2013 : :silver: (race + mapping)
- Giant Cup 11 : 7th after the final

Team championship :

- UL8 in 12th div : :bronze: on 5 teams
- Relay Summer Cup : 6th on 15 teams after final
- MiniFET3 : 11th on 15 teams
- UL9 in 2nd div : 10th on 12 teams
- FET7 : 5th on 37 teams after final
- UL10 in 1st div : 4th on 5 teams
- FET8 : :silver: on 32 teams after final

About my mapping style and tastes regarding mapping in general

You may have notice that I'm mostly a driver than a track builder but despite that, I make tracks quite often. I usually build in a Tech or Speedtech style with more or less transitions, always trying to find nice and innovative ideas.

My MTC's (Monthly Track Contest) participations :

- MTC November : 10th on 17 with "MTC - New Start by   Red Shreder (11/2012)

Some of my favourite mappers :


Now if you want to contact me, just send a pm ! ;)

My YouTube Channel
My TMX Account

Red Shreder
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