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Tuesday, May 14, 2013 (2813 days ago)
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Hi :-)

I'm a Trackmania veteran, playing since the Trackmania Original release in 2003.
I have played every Trackmania version ever including the DS and Wii versions :-)

I've only started publishing maps in TM2 Canyon, although I still have some old maps from TMO saved on a backup hard drive somewhere.

I favour Technical tracks, but with Valley that is changing.
I now enjoy full speed elements just as well :-) and I enjoy incorporating drift parts in my Valley tracks.

I think i reached my "mapper maturity" with Valley and here's my most famous Valley map:
A Batman themed scenery with a fun night race line.
Drift 1st corner >>> FS all the way >>> Drift last corner

My best Canyon map:

If you drive Canyon and like a challenging set of minis please try:

All tracks in the StigAcademy series
Newest Map
Length: 1 min
WR:  00:48.941
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