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Time To Shine Track/Custom signs
Time To Shine Track/Custom signs26 Mar, 2012
 Falkers (2 comments, 846 views)  
Hi Guys!

It's Time to Shine with my first blog entry here:p(y)

Time to Shine is my new 50sec-1min length tech map that i worked very hard on to get the feeling right and also as always the scenery, i'm very happy with the end result.

Did custom signs, both directional and ads signs(screenshot show 1 of them), not a complete pack of them but the essential for this track.
Hope you guys like the signs.

Track it self is a balanced mix of GP road and arena blocks, several fun jumps some small and some larger.
It has a cruising feel to it and i think it will suit beginners as well as more advanced drivers.

First part of track is simple but fun because of several jumps, then later on you hit a long downjump and gather speed for some drifting just before you enter the last jump to the finish line.

Hope you guys enjoy this one and have fun!

2 comment(s).
 Falkers writes ... 27, Mar, 2012  
Thanks for the feedback on my track and signs kruemelyeti :)

I understand what you are saying and i will not just write blogs in the future just to get attention to my new track.
Thought i write my first blog since i did those custom signs that is my first custom work, that's all :)

I'm still learning and consider myself a newbie, i don't have gotten down how to do a proper outro yet so only Intro and GPS in this track.
 XT kruemelyeti writes ... 27, Mar, 2012  
No offense bro, but I don't think the blog feature was made to present your own tracks. I know this depends to many other blogs, too, but I have to get it off now. There are so many blogs of users who just want to tell: "hey, look at my new map, it's so cool!", but please use the author comment instead of the blog feature.

There are some very good blogs and I really like to read them, but I feel distressed, because this great innovation is so despraved by blogs about "my new map, which is so good, you really have to play it!!!11". I am not talking about blogs featuring other authors, they are a nice gesture and I often like to read them, because sometimes they reveal some great unrecognized tracks, but I hope there will be a rule or something like that to prevent blogs like this one, because otherwise I think the blog feature only degenerates to a way to get recognition on your own new maps.

Don't take it personally and after these words I felt like at least I owe you a feedback to your map. :d
I tested it and it's a really good map, the only bad thing I found was a missing outro. Also the respawn from the first cp feels a bit lucky, but everything else is great, especially I love the first part till the first drift, good mixing and also nice signs! ;)

Finally, please don't hate me for this post, nothing against you or the map I just don't like these kinds of blogs and felt like I have to say it now. :)
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