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Track Map26 May, 2013
  Falkers (13 comments, 1359 views) 
When do you call it a Track or a Map?

Question above is something i have always wondered about, and to be honest i'm at this point just confused.

Here on the front page of mania-exchange you see things like 'Find Tracks', 'Upload Track', '
Remember to award and rate the tracks you like!', 'MX Supporter Tracks' just to name some, now if you look in the forum Read More
Time To Shine Track/Custom signs26 Mar, 2012
  Falkers (2 comments, 788 views) 
Hi Guys!

It's Time to Shine with my first blog entry here

Time to Shine is my new 50sec-1min length tech map that i worked very hard on to get the feeling right and also as always the scenery, i'm very happy with the end result.

Did custom signs, both directional and ads sign...

Read More
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