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Location: Home  Blogs  Crysis is getting hot 
Crysis is getting hot
Crysis is getting hot15 May, 2012
  DeMeNs (5 comments, 465 views)  
Since the guys of Short Mini Fun are using my track Crysis in their server (Thanks a lot!), I've seen some nice times on it... Is a nice server if you wan to race against skilled drivers.

Now top times are really closed... Maybe gamed!de.RøøCky<3 won't be beaten... He owns the track since 9-5-12...
By the way nobody on MX is close to the top;)

If you are looking for a challenge... 00:25.362 is the dedi time to beat!

I love when one of my tracks has the dedimania times imposible XD

5 comment(s).
  DeMeNs writes ... 15, May, 2012  
Nice times posted by Spider, Wouter, and Funky (WR right now). Now there are some awesome replays to beat...
Nice skill all and thanks for submit!!!
  SPIDER writes ... 15, May, 2012  
grr,, you almost maxed out this track.

  Wouter writes ... 15, May, 2012  
  DeMeNs writes ... 15, May, 2012  
Nice time! But you won't pass the antidoping test XD
  SPIDER writes ... 15, May, 2012  
Give me 5 minutes and a whisky. :cool:
beaten. (y)
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