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Location: Home  Blogs  5k planets for driver who beats tOMME 
5k planets for driver who beats tOMME
5k planets for driver who beats tOMME06 Sep, 2012
  Sayotoshi (15 comments, 1033 views)  
Hi all

Till the end of September I'm offering a reward (5000 planets) for the person who gets a better time than tOMME on my newest track ( Polish Screwdrivers Massacre ), and keeps his record for 5 days.


1. I do not participate in the competition.
2. If more than one person beats tOMME, the reward will be given to the person with the best time.
3. Time can be made Offline or Online but has to remain as the best time for 5 days.
4. Deadline for a replay on MX or 1. dedi is 30 September.
5. If someone beats tOMME during the last days of event and tOMME beats him in the next 5 days but after the end of event, that person will have 5 days to beat tOMME again and the competition between them will end when one of the records stays as the best for 5 days.
6. If someone finds a cut, the cut will be removed and competition will start from the beginning.
7. If at the end of the event tOMME has the best time, reward will be his.
8. tOMME's time have to be online (dedi) and if he beat someone after 25 of September event will end 5 days from this day
9. If someone take the best time have to make comment here for everybody know the date of the best run (and put replay on mx if it was offline record)

best regards,
15 comment(s).
  dreadmullet writes ... 26, Sep, 2012  
That was fun.:d
  tOMME writes ... 26, Sep, 2012  
yep. a little late, but the current best time is now 39.776 ^^
  Sayotoshi writes ... 26, Sep, 2012  
looks like tOMME been defeated gz to dreadmullet sonn will send planets

challenge ended
  Sayotoshi writes ... 20, Sep, 2012  
Currently best time - 39:780 by dreadmullet

You have 5 days tOMME (or somebody else)
  tOMME writes ... 07, Sep, 2012  
Great news HaagseSmurf(y):d
   HaagseSmurf writes ... 07, Sep, 2012  
I added this track to our tracklist of the the Smurfsserver's testevening on 12 September Tracklist testevening Smurfs 12-09-2012. If the Smurfs like the track, it will remain on our server. I think then a lot more Smurfs will take a shot in overtaking Tomme's time;)

  versnellingspook writes ... 06, Sep, 2012  
I will give it a shot if I have time :)
  Sayotoshi writes ... 06, Sep, 2012  
well, maybe you will just want to kick tOMME's ass;) [you did this on first jumpmania]
  versnellingspook writes ... 06, Sep, 2012  

I just pointed out something that seemed unfair :)

Don't know if any smurfs are gonna participate, we have over 500k planets on our server :p
  tOMME writes ... 06, Sep, 2012  
I see the smurf's are looking for dirty tricks here :cool:
  Sayotoshi writes ... 06, Sep, 2012  
Now I hope it's fair for everybody (I changed a little point 5 and added 8 and 9)
  Sayotoshi writes ... 06, Sep, 2012  
egzaktly same idea tOMME :))
  Sayotoshi writes ... 06, Sep, 2012  
ok, small modification will be
  tOMME writes ... 06, Sep, 2012  
You have a good point. But lets just say I'll drive this online, so my best time is always public on dedimania. How does that sound?
  versnellingspook writes ... 06, Sep, 2012  
Wait, so basically tomme has an advantage, because he doesnt have to wait 5 days in the end. So he can just submit his best time at 30 sept, and voila. Seems a bit unfair.
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