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Looking for custom object for map
Looking for custom object for map22 Oct, 2014
  Sayotoshi (6 comments, 949 views)  
Hi all,

I'm looking for object for Canyon environment. I was searching on Maniapark but didn't find what I was looking for:(

Some time ago I released a map where I mixed CP on wall. Now there is possible to put custom objects created by community so I would like to fix this map by giving more space to drive thru this CP.

I need some kind of CP that I could mix in to wall (or just a CP on wall block) and it will leave some more place than it is now for driving. Can anybody tell me is there is somewhere this kind of block or maybe someone would be willing to create this kind of block?

PS. Sorry for my English, I hope everything is understandable.

Best regards
6 comment(s).
  Dag@bert writes ... 26, Dec, 2014  
Done ! :d
  Dag@bert writes ... 20, Dec, 2014  
I'm a bit late here. ^^

These objects are included in my packs, you can download them too from the original authors, the objects are embeddable:

But in fact they are a bit small for the big Canyon concrete blocks. If you still need a big CP, I can do one and it will look like my embeddable MultiLap-block for Canyon I did together with jui:

Send me a PM,
  Sayotoshi writes ... 03, Nov, 2014  
kata78 says:
No Titel packs

I thinik I don't understund:s
  kata78 writes ... 02, Nov, 2014  
No Titel packs

  Sayotoshi writes ... 30, Oct, 2014  
Yes I checked this title pack, no help there for my problem :(

Thx, I will post it on forum.

  danodude writes ... 23, Oct, 2014  
Have you checked out the Canyon extensions title pack on the in game store? It may have something that you could use.

Btw, it's probably better to post these questions on the actual forums than on the blog area;)
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