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Location: Home  Blogs  Whats your reaction time? 11.5k Planet competition! 
Whats your reaction time? 11.5k Planet competition!
Whats your reaction time? 11.5k Planet competition...28 Jul, 2014
  coshank (6 comments, 914 views)  
Hey guys!

Are you tired of not having a chance in planet competitions?

Then maybe you should try out this new competition, it has more to do with your timing and reaction skills than your driving, so hopefully everyone will have a shot on first prize!

:gold: riolu! 5000 planets
:silver: Tigersen 2000 planets
:bronze: »ToY« Blade 1500 planets
:done: 4th-10th: mazer, trying, Pishi, Sky.', Wulfram, Mr.DVD, C4Freak 500 planets

10 replays reached!
Deadline: Sunday 3/8 - 20.00 CET

Happy hunting!
6 comment(s).
  coshank writes ... 03, Aug, 2014  
Have best timing/reactions > get best time > win most planets:d
  Alcator writes ... 03, Aug, 2014  

Reading your post, I could not find out what is the CONTENTS of the competition. You mention reactions/timing, but you don't actually say WHAT are people supposed to do.

  coshank writes ... 03, Aug, 2014  
Competition over, grats all and thanks for replays/awards!(l) Remember to PM me your login so I can send your planets!
  coshank writes ... 03, Aug, 2014  
Only 3 hours left!
  coshank writes ... 29, Jul, 2014  
Updated with deadline! Keep hunting!
  Mazer writes ... 29, Jul, 2014  
10 Replays reached
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