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Location: Home  Blogs  Want to have a just for fun cup? 
Want to have a just for fun cup?
Want to have a just for fun cup?11 Jun, 2015
   Clearvision.wp (4 comments, 739 views)  
Hey MX!:d

Just wanted to see if there is any interest in having a Just For Fun cup? :o

My thought with this would be to create more activity here in the community and making it more fun to be active here!(y)

I was thinking about hosting a small cup which would work like this:

10 very short tracks (or any shorter type of track)
Just upload your time on the tracks here on MX to participate
The players with most total points or lowest total time would win
The only prize is glory! At the moment, could be planets or mabye the right to be the host for a next cup or map showcase? Anything really!

Any other ideas and suggestions are very appreciated, and don't be shy! Every thought is worth something!(y)
Also if you would be interested in participating, comment below. Noone interested - no cup:'(
Many interested - many cups!;)

Anyone can be a part of this, new or old player. It doesn't matter.

Update, its up and running! Check it out:



P.S. If you're interested in helping me host, please send me a private message! Thx ;)
4 comment(s).
  Beatinfected writes ... 02, Jul, 2015  
there are already some cups for each envy, but i havent see a multi-envy-cup yet. with mixed maps, like valley-car on canyon-roads etc. how about that? i would be in^^
  Mwett writes ... 20, Jun, 2015  
Yes, we will have 9 maps : dirt, tech and fs / valley, stadium, canyon. And one longer and harder map.
  Dodeka writes ... 18, Jun, 2015  
Lowest total time seems like an interesting concept, i'm interested (y)

Do you plan to use maps of all 3 environments?
  SYNERGY.aerosol! writes ... 11, Jun, 2015  
I am in ;)
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