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Vision Cup 3 and Hard cuts! 04 Oct, 2015
   Clearvision.wp (0 comments, 737 views) 
Greetings MX!:cool:

I just wanted to announce Vision Cup 3! This time the theme is short dirt tracks and as prize 2000 planets. For more info:

If you're interested in cutting or have found a hard cut, then please visit my new, cut based, thread:

Greetings Clearvision
Vision Cup, results and announcements02 Aug, 2015
   Clearvision.wp (0 comments, 560 views) 
Hi MX!:d

The results for Vision Cup are out! Check them out:

Also Vision Cup 2 was recentely announced, this time with planet prizes!(y) Check it out:

Cheers, Clearvision:cool:
Want to have a just for fun cup?11 Jun, 2015
   Clearvision.wp (4 comments, 687 views) 
Hey MX!

Just wanted to see if there is any interest in having a Just For Fun cup?

My thought with this would be to create more activity here in the community and making it more fun to be active here! ...

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[TEST] Valley A01 (Stadium Car)04 Feb, 2015
   Clearvision.wp (3 comments, 965 views) 

I just tried uploading Valley A01 with the Stadium car and would like some help testing it out to see if it works.
If it works I might upload all tracks with the Stadium car.

I've tried opening the track i...

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