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Location: Home  Blogs  Win the tm2:stadium account! 
Win the tm2:stadium account!
Win the tm2:stadium account!30 Jun, 2015
  katerbarg (1 comments, 654 views)  
Hi all! Suddenly i decided to play my last TM2:Stadium account which had stayed from the 2014 like gift in steam. Previous account won Riolu. The competition will have not only competitive part but lottery too. What that means? Rules: after recieving 15 replays 1-8 positions will have the rights to win the account. When i will see 15 replays I will determine the winner with the Random Number Generator and after this I will repeat the operation for determining the 2nd lucker (prize: 5000 useless planets :d). P.S. One player can`t win 2 prizes. P.S.S. It`s my first stadium FS map, do not judge strictly plz:'( HF and GL!;)
1 comment(s).
  katerbarg writes ... 30, Jun, 2015  
Mx bugs omg... Can`t delete this topic, map`s link:
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