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Location: Home  Blogs  Tm2:s competition ended. 
Tm2:s competition ended.
Tm2:s competition ended.20 Jul, 2015
  katerbarg (0 comments, 600 views)  
Hi all! My tm2:s competition ended. As i said i used random number generator. The winner is asier. His position is 7th. The 2nd lucker is ZaRulemAS. He won 5000 planets with position 4. Thanks all for tooking part and awarding! (craicy.esy, Jumper, Hubble :award: , ZaRulemAS :award: , Doc_Me4ik :award: , Lost Gamer, asier :award: , ice_nine, Patriot, Mr.DvD :award: , legigantesque...) Mb i will begin a new one soon. P.S. Activity was very bad and i decided to close the competition with 11 replays.
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