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Shorties Cup #2 - Maps needed!! + Registrations
Shorties Cup #2 - Maps needed!! + Registrations21 Nov, 2015
  SYNERGY.aerosol! (1 comments, 661 views)  
Hey MX
aften a nice first edition of the shorties cup, we will do a second one, but in rounds mode instead of KO....
But the format will be published next weeks, for now we need you maps!
We need a whole bunch of maps, since we will have 5 maps for each playday.
What is needed?
  • Enviroment: Stadium
  • No custom titlepack allowed
  • Lenght between 15 and 30 seconds
  • Respawnable CPs
  • No luck elements, or rpg elements, otherwise all styles allowed
  • Put this before your mapname: $s$i$f00s$fffc $f00l| $fff

    Submit the maps (as many as you want) until the December 31th to or in Facebook
    If you have any questions, just ask....
    and DONT upload you map on mx until i will say you!

    If you want to register, also just send me a message with mail or facebook and write nickname, team and login in it :)

    Have a nice day! :)

    List of Registrations:
  • aerosol | Speed.Multigaming | speed__aerosol
  • Andyflyer | Speed.Multigaming | andy69
  • Rempai | Oz Gaming | luciano070
  • Knight | Speed.Fun | sa_templars
  • min2002 | - | min2002
  • Comments
    1 comment(s).
      Denny writes ... 27, Dec, 2015  
    I wanna register and play too :d
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