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Location: Home  Blogs  aerohunt 2016 - Win prizes, have fun :) 
aerohunt 2016 - Win prizes, have fun :)
aerohunt 2016 - Win prizes, have fun :)31 Dec, 2015
  SYNERGY.aerosol! (1 comments, 1256 views)  
Hey Guys :)
Im back with another hunt competition.
Its called aerohunt and it will last the whole year 2016!
Every month I will publish a new mappack consisting of three maps of a specific style.
In this month the theme are tech maps.
Every month we will see a podium of the specific style, and at the end of a year a total leaderboard.
You can gain points by uploading your replay: WR gets 25 points, 2nd gets 24 points, 3rd gets 23 points... on every map.
No cuts are allowed! (except in october xd)
The prizes are for monthly top 3::gold: 1000 Planets:silver: 500 Planets:bronze: 250 Planets
and on the total leaderboard:gold: 2000 Planets:silver: 1000 Planets:bronze: 500 Planets
Additionally i will publish a youtube video featuring the top 3 records of every map after the month it was played.
The deadline is everytime set to the end of the month :)
The styles will be played in this order:
  • January: Tech
  • February: Fullspeed
  • March: Dirt
  • April: Freaky Suprise
  • May: Valley
  • June: Mixed Maps
  • July: Shorties
  • August: Long Maps
  • September: Grasstech
  • October: Cutmaps
  • November: Canyon
  • December: Another Suprise

    This mappack consists of:
  • acer.racer
  • Blue Blood
  • Flatstop

    Have Fun and good luck :)

  • Comments
    1 comment(s).
      AndyF writes ... 31, Dec, 2015  
    When Shorties Cup with my mappack start m8? :-w

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