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Location: Home  Blogs  SIMPLE CUP 1st edition results !! 
SIMPLE CUP 1st edition results !!
SIMPLE CUP 1st edition results !!17 Mar, 2016
  LionTrackmania (1 comments, 865 views)  
Here was the simple cup !!

the goal of the cup is to get the best time on some different simple tracks (lol, tech and dirt) :done:
Approximately each 3-4 days I will post a new map.(l)
Only the time what are share on mania exchange will count for the cup !!:award:
Good luck and have a good day;)

Here is the link of the third map :

Share your replays!!

This cup is only for the fun=p

Results of the first map !
1:Nïx 10pts
2:Clearvision 8pts
3:coshank 7pts
4:legigantesqueelephant 6pts
Results of the second maps !
1: WiiDii 10pts
2:Laxximus 8pts
3:Answer 7pts
4:Clearvision 6pts
5:legigantesqueelephant 5pts
6:FillInTheBlank 4pts
Results of the third map !
1:FillInTheBlank 10pts
2:laxximus 8pts
3:legigantesqueelephant 7pts


AND THE WINNER IS :legigantesqueelephant 18pts !! GG
2:laxximus 16pts
3:Clearvision 14pts
3:Fillintheblank 14pts
4:WiiDii and Nix 10pts
5:Answer and Coshank 7pts

The points are: 1st>10 2nd>8 3rd>7 4th>6 5th>5 6th>4 7th>4...

1 comment(s).
  legigantesqueelephant writes ... 06, Apr, 2016  
thx for the gg ,was a nice cup :)
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