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EnduCross 2H 1st edition
EnduCross 2H 1st edition13 Jan, 2017
  LionTrackmania (0 comments, 1023 views)  
Hey guys and girls ! A new endurance event is comming,
ENDUCROSS 2H 1st edition

Informations and rules:
There is the new fun event by the Mx-Cup trackmania :
It’s a new endurance event composed of two races about one hour long for each one,...
no need to register yourself in the competition. Just join the server 59-30 minutes before the cup starts (beetween 3.30pm and 4pm).
Date : cup is on february 12th (sunday) 2017 from 4pm to 7pm (utc+1)
Warm-Up : 30 minutes warm up starting at 4pm. Official map will be unveiled at the start of WU.
Races : 2 races, each one is 45 (~1Hour) laps long with a 15 minutes pause in beetween (Races will start just after WU).
Titlepack : Official trackmania 2 stadium titlepack.
Points : Only 30 first places will give points to players. After all races will be finished points will be cumulated.
POINTS ARE WORKING LIKE THAT : (from 1st to 30th places)
Links :
Mx-Cup Website :
Discord of the Mx-Cup :
Facebook :
Maniaplanet link : Mx-Cup server sponsored by BBD : maniaplanet://#join=bbd25@esl_comp@lt_forever
organised by Agency.Lion;)
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