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Trackmania Open 2017 - Map Submission
Trackmania Open 2017 - Map Submission 19 Jul, 2017
 maik #tmo (5 comments, 2228 views)  
Hello Everyone!

For our Upcoming Tournament, we are looking for Maps!

You can find all Information on the Tournaments Homepage https://trackmaniaopen.com
or on our Discord Server https://discord.gg/A6SbxnY

Map Details:


Style: Tech

Length: 35-45 seconds

Mood: morning or daytime

Custom blocks and/or Competition Titlepack is NOT allowed.

Blockmix is allowed as long as its not causing any visual glitches/bugs.

The official Signpack #tmo must be used.

Map size: < 1800CC

Checkpoints have to be respawnable.

No use of the Mediatracker (GPS, Intro, Outro)


Put in enough checkpoints

Focus on the flow and do not overuse scenery

Don’t hesitate to use the full spectrum of the legal length.

Set approachable medal-times for casual players.

Further Conditions

Players can submit a maximum of 3 maps, including duomaps.

Mapname: $EB1tmo$034# $fffMapname

No special characters, no player or team names, no brands, no offensive words.

Maps can be submitted until the 21st of August, submissions after that might be possible, according to the number of maps received so far.


Subject: Map Submission TMO

5 comment(s).
  eyebo.wp writes ... 07, Aug, 2017  
You should also post in:
  pjw writes ... 05, Aug, 2017  
You said:

"The official Signpack #tmo must be used."

Is this just another way of saying "do not use custom signs", or is there a specific sign pack that we must download and use?

If the latter, could you link that pack please?

Edit: Never mind, found it: https://trackmaniaopen.files.wordpress.com/2017/07/signpack-tmo5.zip
 maik #tmo writes ... 27, Jul, 2017  
Beatinfected says:
stadium only?

 Beatinfected writes ... 27, Jul, 2017  
stadium only?
 LostGamer writes ... 22, Jul, 2017  
I will do some maps. :done:
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