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 Tunnels & Drifts but small

by  Roche  |  13
AT   00:38.409 |  Canyon / CanyonCar   |   Intermediate 
ID  217987 
 2021-06-08 20:28:51
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# Record User Score Date
1st   00:37.442  noni 13 (100%) 09-06-21
2nd   00:38.340  Mazer 10.4 (80%) 30-12-21
3rd   00:38.409  Roche 8.45 (65%) 04-07-21
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 Author Comments
After the original "Tunnels & Drifts", the remix "Tunnels & Drifts but grass", the crazy version "Tunnels & Drifts but ice" and the shitfest version "Tunnels & Drifts but glass", the dirt version "Tunnels & Drifts but dirt", the cut version "Tunnels & Drifts but cut", the tree version "Tunnels & Drifts but trees", the checkpointless version "Tunnels & Drifts but checkpointless", the endurance version"Tunnels & Drifts but at checkpoints you restart", the mirrored version "Tunnels & Drifts but mirrored", the reverse version "Tunnels & Drifts but reverse", the multilap version "Tunnels & Drifts but multilap", the freewheel version "Tunnels & Drifts but freewheel", the valley version "Tunnels & Drifts but valley", the no-grip version"Tunnels & Drifts but no grip", the fullspeed version "Tunnels & Drifts but forced acceleration",the no-steer version "Tunnels & Drifts but no steering", the lagoon version "MXLC - Tunnels & Drifts but lagoon", the bumper version "Tunnels & Drifts but bumper", the reversing version "Tunnels & Drifts but reverse driving", the HEC version "HEC - but Tunnels & Drifts", the version where your have to respect a speed limit "Tunnels & Drifts but speed limit", yet another HEC version "HEC - but Twonnels & Drifts", the version where something's missing "Tunnels & Drifts but something's missing", the bumpy version "Tunnels & Drifts but bumpy", the literal definition of the title "Tunnels & Drifts but literally", the top-down version "Tunnels & Drifts but micro machines [MTC]", the version where cp are shifted 1 block up"Tunnels & Drifts but 1-Up", the yellow boost version "Tunnels & Drifts but yellow booster", the red boost version "Tunnels & Drifts but red booster", the drunk version "Tunnels & Drifts but drunk", prepare yourself for the small version!

The map is almost the same as the original, with a very small difference : all route blocks have been scaled by 0,5 (:

I finally installed openPlanet to be able to got a bit more crazy on the amount and complexity of items

Intro :done:

 Embedded objects32 Objects
Object IX? Object author
CP20M.Item.Gbx luk-t-obk
CP40M.Item.Gbx luk-t-obk
C-LWhite.Item.gbx xrayjay
t&dSmall1.Item.Gbx pytantor
t&dSmall10.Item.Gbx pytantor
t&dSmall11.Item.Gbx pytantor
t&dSmall12.Item.Gbx pytantor
t&dSmall13.Item.Gbx pytantor
t&dSmall14.Item.Gbx pytantor
t&dSmall15.Item.Gbx pytantor
t&dSmall16.Item.Gbx pytantor
t&dSmall17.Item.Gbx pytantor
t&dSmall18.Item.Gbx pytantor
t&dSmall19.Item.Gbx pytantor
t&dSmall2.Item.Gbx pytantor
t&dSmall20.Item.Gbx pytantor
t&dSmall21.Item.Gbx pytantor
t&dSmall22.Item.Gbx pytantor
t&dSmall23.Item.Gbx pytantor
t&dSmall24.Item.Gbx pytantor
t&dSmall25.Item.Gbx pytantor
t&dSmall26.Item.Gbx pytantor
t&dSmall27.Item.Gbx pytantor
t&dSmall28.Item.Gbx pytantor
t&dSmall4.Item.Gbx pytantor
t&dSmall5.Item.Gbx pytantor
t&dSmall6.Item.Gbx pytantor
t&dSmall7.Item.Gbx pytantor
t&dSmall8.Item.Gbx pytantor
t&dSmall9.Item.Gbx pytantor
t&dSmall3.Item.Gbx pytantor
t&dSmall6.Item.Gbx pytantor
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Tunnels & Drifts but twist  Roche 80
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