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Sunday, November 9, 2014 (2308 days ago)
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 21 hours ago
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About me:
I am mainly a TM2 Canyon mapper and driver, with some ventures made into each environment including TM2020. I came into the scene by making 5 tech maps that were meant to be for a Canyon TTC (Techy 1-5) and some players, specifically EriK and Nordplay, encouraged me to make more maps. Over the course of 6 months I became very familiar with the Canyon community, through Smurfcups, Test evenings, and in Discord.

I have had the pleasure to work with   eriik991 ,  Mr. Nordplay,   butifarra,   REACTisback,   Yogosun,   Racho,   Roche, and   eyebo.wp

Driving achievements:award:
:gold: 1st:
Stargazing Smurfs Endurance cup
MXLC edition #15
MXLC edition #16
:silver: 2nd:
MXLC edition #7, #9, #10
TM2020 NA Cup #3, #4
Smurfcup #433, #432
:bronze: 3rd:
HEC edition #36, #43, #47, #48, #57
MXLC edition #17

5th place in SCL CEP 7 with Team Spectrum I
Driving competitively in Canyon since June 2020

Mapping achievements:

MX User Choice Awards
:gold: Best Canyon builder
:gold: Best Canyon Map ("CCP#20 - Frostbitten Spires by   Quasar_TM)
:silver: Second Best Canyon Map ("STARGAZING by   Quasar_TM)
:gold: Best Lagoon Map ("MXLC - Hanging Palms by   Quasar_TM)
:silver: Second Best Lagoon builder
:silver: Second Best Overall builder
:silver: Second Best Scenery builder
:silver: Second Most Active user
:bronze: Third Most friendly user

:silver: Second place in CCP'20: "CCP#20 - Frostbitten Spires by   Quasar_TM

:bronze: Third place in Jak'Up 2021

Maps selected for Smurfcup Canyon:
July 2020: "Techy 6 by   Quasar_TM
August 2020: "Techy 8 by   Quasar_TM
September 2020: "Techy 7 by   Quasar_TM
October 2020: "Techy 5 by   Quasar_TM
October 2020: "Yosemite (ft Nordplay & Quasar) by   butifarra
November 2020: "Swervin by   Quasar_TM
December 2020: "Cascadia! by   Quasar_TM
December 2020: "Aurora by   Mr. Nordplay
January 2021: "Techy 13 by   Quasar_TM
February 2021: "CCP#20 - Frostbitten Spires by   Quasar_TM

Maps selected for Smurfcup Valley:
September 2020: "Transit by   Quasar_TM
October 2020: "Taseko by   Quasar_TM
February 2021: "Arado(ft Butifarra) by   Quasar_TM

Maps selected for HEC:
Edition #29: "HEC - Aspire by   Quasar_TM
Edition #32: "HEC - Sequoia by   Quasar_TM
Edition #36: "HEC - Nightlock by   Quasar_TM
Edition #42: "HEC - lotus* by   Quasar_TM

Maps selected for SCL CEP
Season 7 Mappack 1: "SCL - Primitive by   Quasar_TM
Season 7 Mappack 2: "SCL - Throwback by   Quasar_TM

Maps selected for MX Lagoon Cup:
Edition #7:

Christmas Calendar 2020 map (most awarded map):

Personal favorite map:
Featured Map
Style: Endurance 
Length: Long
Vehicle: CanyonCar
WR:  19:29.197
 13   39
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