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Location: Home  Community Forums  Monthly Track Contest  MTC March 2013 - "Unusual Multilap" - Results on page 5! 
MTC March 2013 - "Unusual Multilap" - Results on page 5!
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14 April 2013 20:28:54  
Congratz haenry, your map was clearly the best around. :cool:
The Green Dude
Location: ES
14 April 2013 20:48:08  
thank you for these detailed results, Judges! (l)
(Sadly just two:( )
Grats to Osaka for 2nd place and enai and nevermind for 3./4.!! There are also some cool other submissions. I like to see that the number of submissions is rising again:d
Last edited by haenry, 14 April 2013 20:50:05
gado is a
Location: DE
15 April 2013 09:51:38  
Moderator notice:
I've given a lot of consideration to how to moderate the discussion, but I cannot in good conscience delete all the posts of the discussion, especially since I want people to know why sometimes the best track racing-wise doesn't win.
Moped Racer
Location: SK
15 April 2013 13:24:55  
actually i only wanted you to delete the quote but this isnt what i want to say now
i'd like to tell you that i'm actually very happy that you're doing this because without you the mx-mtc would be dead
i also like it that you judge yourself if there arent enough other judges :)
i know that everything you're is voluntary and i really appreciate that (i wouldnt have the time for hosting and judging at all)

the thing i want to say with this is that there arent any reasons to criticise you or your judging(only little reasons if at all)

sry for my inappropriate words
and congratz to the winners!
Beetle Racer
Location: DE
15 April 2013 19:07:31  
Weeeee, 5th, yay! Congrats to the winners, for sure! Great job!(y)
Haven't even tried them, yet...sweet, something fun to explore.:cool:

Rock on, trackers! Can't wait for the April tracks to come in...8-|
Quad Bike Racer
15 April 2013 19:28:06  
Alcator says:
Taronium says:
- do not mix up bad track design with bad map design!:-w
- remember we are all humans, who love to share and want to provide fun for each other! Support that in your comment!
- if you cannot ride a track properly, ask someone, who can or simply don't judge! Don't vent your frustration on the track creator or generalize your opinion. (e.g. you don't like the look, the look doesn't have to be bad, it's just not your cup of tea, so don't claim you'd be the voice of the people. You were not "voted into office"!) :o
- consider your responsibility, but more than anything, consider to put advice into your comment and no judgement. Judgement belongs to the numbers of your ratings! :build:8-|

- Part of the reason may be the less-than-optimal language skill of the judge. It takes a lot of skill in a language to express criticism in a way that doesn't "hurt" the recipient.
- Judging will always be subjective and it's a good thing that it is. When judging becomes completely objective, then it's not judging anymore, it's Measuring. I wouldn't want to have a track-building competition where the only criteria would be those which are measurable (track length in time, in meters, track size (graphics cost), number of banners, number of checkpoints and the difference between World Record #1 and World record #10 in milliseconds).
- If judges would have to phrase every single sentence in "In my humble opinion, this track ..." instead of just "this track ...", you'd become allergic to the "IMHO" part very quickly. Yes, they are not voice of all the people. If you believe you can do a better job, please, I urge you, volunteer for the next (actually current) MTC, and show how to do it better. of these days I might just offer my services for that, but I'm still having way too much fun participating.

My beef was with a judge that had brutally exaggerated scoring in February(I'm sure you know who!). You might want to help him out and moderate, if a judge somehow loses it, you know. Or gently initiate some early retirement there.:$

As for "IMHO", I think a friendly little "To me..." can do the trick as a single precedence. It's just a bit more uplifting than the "opinion making" approach. But it's mostly about the attitude itself.

Anyway, I think you understand what I mean, while I understand the challenge of finding judges to begin with, I guess?!, hmm, if you'd like to, I'll try out judging, maybe for May? Hopefully the topic will suck, hahahaha....:'(

Quad Bike Racer
20 April 2013 23:38:01  
wow so high place, cz for the top guys ;)
Old Age Caravanner
Location: RO
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