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Location: Home  Community Forums  Community Projects  75 Builders Project - Collecting Parts: Round 2 
75 Builders Project - Collecting Parts: Round 2
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75 Builders Project - Collecting Parts: Round 2 03 November 2013 05:20:59  
Current Stage: Building Templates and Collecting Parts

eyebo says:
Remember "District 25" in Canyon?

I believe we could easily do a District 36 in Valley. But what's the fun in that? Let's be ambitious! :cool: I've done some rough layouts in the Valley editor, and I believe it's actually quite feasible to do an endurance track with 72 builders.

The details are still being worked out, and the project could still be scaled back to 36 builders if we can't find enough participants. But I think we should try for 72!

We'll take the next week to gather names of builders who would like to participate. That means YOU! Write here in this topic if you'd like to be a part of this historic track project in Valley! The goal is to finish the track by the end of the year, to celebrate TrackMania's 10th Anniversary. Let's show the world just how crazy us TrackManiacs are!=p

The details of the actual layout are still being worked out over the course of the next week. More details will be given as they become available.


The Rules

o You must build inside the 8x8x11 area provided.

o The platform blocks in the template are outside your assigned plot, meaning that you should not be replacing any of them for any reason other than seeing your track better. Please see the following pictures: Rules 1, Rules 2, Rules 3, Rules 4.

o You are allowed to have clips on the edge of your map.

o You must use the pre-placed checkpoints for the start and end of your track part. You must end on the UPPER platform, not on the lower level of the checkpoint.

o You may share your part with up to 1 beta tester (not counting me). Your tester must ensure not to share your part with anyone else.

o You should NOT post your part to MX.

o Blockmixing is NOT allowed (this is because the copy/paste and macroblock tools do not work with mixing).

o Difficulty level should be between Beginner and Intermediate. An average driver should be able to finish your part with a minimum of respawns.

o Signage may be placed. You should use the blue signs from the (Old) MX Sign Pack, or you can use the default Valley signs. However, you should also try to make the route intuitive.

o Be mindful of lighting. The final track will be in Sunset mood and will be surrounded by other people's track parts, so it may become darker than when you built it. Make sure you provide adequate lighting. Use lighting blocks whenever possible.

o RPG/Platform elements may be used sparingly (e.g. A narrow beam to cross).

o CPs should be placed regularly and attention should be paid to avoid introducing cuts.

o CPs should be respawnable (you should be able to continue driving if you respawn at any CP).

o There is no limit for the length of your part

o Reuses should be very seldom used; The driver should not hesitate whatsoever and you may be told to redo part or all of your section if there is uncertainty.

o If you are on ground level, and terraforming, the forest overlay ONLY may be allowed to replace the platform blocks. Nothing else should be replacing these blocks, including hills or dirt blocks (roads). All other terraforming must be kept within the box, and the overlay should NOT go beyond the platform blocks. If this is confusing, see the following images; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

o Please return your map with the same name it was sent to you with.

o You should NOT use MT on you trackpart.


  pfm has put together a lovely spreadsheet for details about different parts of the track as well, you may check it out if you so wish by clicking here.


For those of you confused by the fact that eyebo started this but I now seem to have control (as well as the first post), eyebo has resigned from this project; See Below:

Update from November 7, 2013:

eyebo says:
That brings the count up to 66. Truly staggering. :o

However, the bad news is that I'm going to have to drop out of the project.:s Some personal stuff has come up. I'm not going to have the time to devote to the project that I would have liked. I doubt I'll have time in the near future either. If someone else would like to pick up the project and continue with it, you'd have my blessing.

I'd like to thank everyone who has committed this far. I think the fact all of you were even willing to commit to this project shows how great the TM community is! Keep that spirit alive! See you around! (y)

Update from February 4th or so:

Eyebo's back and helping edit parts!
Last edited by Cxom, 14 April 2014 13:01:29
The Seventy Fifth District
Location: US
03 November 2013 05:23:06  
The layout is going to be a 5x5 grid of 8x8x11 plots, layered 3 high.

The following should be a complete list of those participating:

    :build: 1 TGYoshi & nervousWillow
    :build: 2 TGYoshi & nervousWillow
    :build: 3 basbaas»LT
    :build: 4 Lodec
    :build: 5 NitroGuY!
    :build: 6 Marius89
    :build: 7 MrA
    :build: 8 eyebo
    :build: 9 RachoVolker
    :build::s 10 snake55wildcat
    :build: 11 ymce
    :build: 12 danodude
    :build: 13 darkpuddle
    :build: 14 Osaka
    :build: 15 Cxom
    :build: 16 .zapph'
    :build: 17 Mandark
    :build: 18 medinaDesbois
    :build: 19 adsun
    :build: 20 eriik991
    :build: 21 hec_ker
    :build: 22 XT kruemelyeti
    :build: 23 chuckie
    :build: 24 BushMonkey
    :build: 25 TeeJay
    :build: 26 broadsword
    :build: 27 PapyChampy
    :build: 28 malthex
    :build: 29 Nimrod
    :build: 30 Superal
    :build: 31 Tobbe
    32 lolig
    :build: 33 Phil
    :build: 34 gadoweldosd
    :build: 35 TheM
    :build: 36 wraith
    :build: 37 Lik3D"riolu!
    38 crazyowl
    :build: 39 Wombat
    :build: 40 Shadi
    :build: 41 toffe
    :build: 42 zack11
    :build: 43 wormi & Lolita
    :build: 44 wormi & Lolita
    :build: 45 willischwein
    46 andrus
    :build: 47 Kristján
    :build: 48 Spizzy
    :build: 49 Alex BF
    :build: 50 rad
    :build: 51 Bionick
    :build: 52 Marti
    :build::s 53 ketrab
    :build: 54 Citiroller
    :build: 55 massa
    :build: 56 Hitch
    :build: 57 Legolas
    :build: 58 erikfzr
    :build: 59 GanjaRider
    60 Minato
    :build: 61 mgafMUAT
    :build::p 62 Zengo
    :build: 63 kyllsterz
    :build: 64 OLDA_X
    :build: 65 Mr.DvD
    :build: 66 poivrot
    67 Porix
    :build: 68 Beatinfected
    :build: 69 irondragons
    :build: 70 DaKKoN
    :build: 71 mazer
    :build: 72 tcq
    :build: 73 -Morte_745-
    :build: 74 comp & pfm
    :build: 75 comp & pfm

:build:: Part Received
:s : There may be a problem
Last edited by Cxom, 30 May 2014 21:08:25
The Seventy Fifth District
Location: US
03 November 2013 05:28:34  
yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss count me in!

G-kart Racer
Location: NL
03 November 2013 05:53:56  
Count me in!
The Seventy Fifth District
Location: US
03 November 2013 06:50:01  

haha jk i meant 2 say me me got u
G-kart Racer
Location: US
03 November 2013 07:12:20  
totally insane, so count me in for a part8-|
Surely Retired
Location: GB
03 November 2013 08:42:14  
hope it doesn't matter that I never launched the valley editor? ^^ if no, then in.
Zimmer Racer
Location: LT
03 November 2013 09:58:35  
I won't be able to drive it, but count me in!!:cool:
Moped Racer
03 November 2013 11:03:25  
This sounds incredibly ambitious, but i'd love to give it a shot if im able to! :o
Quad Bike Racer
Location: GB
03 November 2013 11:07:47  
pls. count me in too!
Old Age Caravanner
Location: AT
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