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Location: Home  Community Forums  Monthly Track Contest  MTC July / August 2016: Road trip! 
MTC July / August 2016: Road trip!
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11 July 2016 08:27:14  
FT»Osaka says:

  • General Rules[list]
  • 64x64 basemap is allowed.
  • Track-/Laplength above 4 minutes and 10 seconds
  • Custom objects allowed
  • Envimixing allowed
  • Blockmixing allowed
  • TM Plus (the PMC pack) and RPG titlepacks allowed, other custom titlepacks forbidden.

  • Does this count the ESL Titlepack aswell because if not i might have to reconsider my map i am building
    G-kart Racer
    Location: ZA
    11 July 2016 11:09:47  
    Yeah, you're not allowed to use the ESL titlepack. Those two additions to the classic rule of "no titlepacks" were purely because they're created around building massive tracks, which is one of the requirements for this MTC. ESL titlepack was meant for "classic" competition, that being competition on average-length tracks (~1m), so it doesn't feel like it'd be a good fit for this.
    The Green Dude
    Location: ES
    11 July 2016 13:39:08  
    great theme
    el camino
    Location: DE
    15 July 2016 23:09:51  
    Damn... if i would be at home, i'd definately participate... but yeah:|
    G-kart Racer
    16 July 2016 23:17:30  
    rip skellborn,

    ill try too to make a big map,
    [spoiler] if i can catch any ideas with my fishing pole, maybe i try the other dimension through the portal behind the .. [/spoiler]
    Old Age Caravanner
    Location: DE
    18 July 2016 17:22:24  
    erm osaka I just found this "easter?"egg or small mistake on your Submission thread:
    ... says:
    blablabla, even more blabla bla & a link discription to link maps.
    You can find the rules here: Shuttling Hoops

    doesnt this need to be: "Road trip"?
    Awesome Dude!
    Location: BE
    18 July 2016 20:15:28  
    What mistake ( 'w')

    (It's fixed, was an overlook since I basically copy-paste those)
    The Green Dude
    Location: ES
    18 July 2016 20:36:41  
    FT»Osaka says:
    What mistake ( 'w')

    (It's fixed, was an overlook since I basically copy-paste those)

    (y) Like
    Awesome Dude!
    Location: BE
    Road trip ?! 21 July 2016 00:19:10  
    Build a 4m long Road trip in Stadium is from my point of view and by far harder than build a road trip in Canyon so maybe Stadium maps will be Advantaged ? ( that's an idea )
    Learner Driver
    Location: FR
    21 July 2016 02:30:24  
    Why should one environment gain an 'advantage' for it being harder to do? if it (the track) actually fits the theme well enough and is creatively done, then sure, I can see it getting more merit, but just because its a certain environment, it shouldn't necessarily have increased perks because of it, otherwise that would discourage environment diversity and creativity, which is not what the MTCs have been about! (y)

    Its like saying "Oh can this environment have more points because even though it may lightly follow a theme, it should get more points just because its the perceived 'harder' environment" by then that would just be an inherent bias towards one environment over another you know? :$

    I apologise if I took this the wrong way though (not that I should), but that is just how I feel personally I suppose! (brb)
    Last edited by Snake55wildcat, 21 July 2016 03:23:04
    Quad Bike Racer
    Location: GB
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