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Regarding maps and replays and the move to ManiaPlanet 4
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Regarding maps and replays and the move to ManiaPlanet 4 09 May 2017 17:37:04  

Post updated May 21, 2017.

So, I'm sure you noticed by now that Nadeo has rolled out ManiaPlanet 4.

It includes many awesome improvements, new blocks, channels, the possibility to create new objects with properties such as being magnetic, etc.

Lightmaps are now a new version. And many blocks have received geometry updates. All of this results in a boost in performance.

This also means all maps built prior to the release of ManiaPlanet 4 should be updated.

If it's your map, you can:
- Open the map in the editor.
- Save the map again (it will ask to recompute lightmaps - do it).
- Upload the updated map file to MX using the "Update" button at the top right of your map page.

As of May 21, 2017 there is a bug that invalidates a map if you open it in the editor. I'll edit this post when the bug is fixed. You can still use the batch command to convert maps (see below).

Please note that setting a new validation time changes the map's unique identifier code (UID).

Uploading a map with a different UID will result in the replays on the map getting deleted.

Some older blockmixed maps that used the popular TM2Unlimiter tool may not convert properly (some blocks end up missing surfaces).

An author may want to update their map using the in-game blockmixing tool.

Maps that have been updated to ManiaPlanet 4 on Mania Exchange may have replays from a previous version. Those replays will be tagged with a little warning showing they were from a previous version of ManiaPlanet.

Old replays contain the old map data, so it's best to play against new replays or download the updated map itself.

Maps that have not been updated to ManiaPlanet 4 will display a warning at the top of the map page.

Replays driven in ManiaPlanet 4 cannot be uploaded to older maps until the map has been updated to ManiaPlanet 4.

Gradually maps will be updated on MX and it will be best to get the new versions here.

You can search for updated maps by using this URL:

In the meantime, you will want to run a batch compute to convert all of your server maps.

Or maybe you're an author that has hundreds of maps and want to update all of your maps at once.

You can find guides on batch computing in this topic:

The original author of a map. Ideally players should update their own maps.

However, there are many inactive authors.

The MX crew will focus on updating highly awarded and highly competed on maps.

We will coordinate an effort with a select group of trusted server owners and community leaders to update maps. Many have to convert them anyway for their servers, so uploading them can be a way to give back to the community and in turn help other server owners.

We will also gradually update large groups of maps from the start of MX. Our goal is to have nearly every map playable in the current version of the game.

If you're an author who has hundreds of converted maps (same UID) that you want updated on MX, you can send the moderators a zip of the maps and we'll update them for you.

If you find your map has already been updated by MX, you can check to make sure it works properly. If changes are needed, you can do them yourself and update the map again manually.

Hidden maps will not be updated by the MX crew.

Maps already updated to ManiaPlanet 4 will not be updated again.

Updating all the maps on MX to ManiaPlanet 4 will not happen overnight. It will take time.

We are keeping a backup of all the old versions of maps the MX crew updates.

We will not have backups of old versions for maps authors update on their own.

Please post any questions or comments below. We'll do our best to address them. Thanks for supporting Mania Exchange during this transition!
Last edited by eyebo, 22 May 2017 05:29:57
Crew Coordinator
09 May 2017 22:56:53  
How does the batch command work? I ran it and it opened TM but it just sat on the background screen showing the clouds going past and nothing else.
Old Age Caravanner
09 May 2017 23:01:20  
Full page listing errors after downloading MP4. Cannot access the game at all. Would not let me exit. All I could do was ctrl-alt-delete. Everything was fine till I tried to access the RPG titlepack.

Last edited by RedVirus, 09 May 2017 23:07:49
Learner Driver
Location: US
09 May 2017 23:28:14  
Sorry to hear of your problems RedVirus.
However, reports about game bugs should be directed to Nadeo on their forums.

Regarding the batch command.... make sure you can access the titles of the maps you are converting.

And I personally use offline mode when batch command launches the game. This way it doesn't try to download any additional titles that I may not have downloaded yet.
Last edited by eyebo, 09 May 2017 23:28:42
Crew Coordinator
10 May 2017 06:37:07  
Sorry to be negative, but they completely ruined canyon. It's like driving muffled mush with the sounds and physics changes. Not your fault of course, but not sure what they were thinking with that.
Of course I am just one insignificant player that really loved how canyon was before.

I've been driving tracks older to newer for fun and enjoyment and uploading the replays, now that is over unless the authors change the tracks themselves. I'd never expect mania exchange to even begin to tackle that task, this update is just a complete disappointment for me. But that is just me, I'm sure lots of people like it. Just wish they would have thought about backwards compatibility given the vast amount of tracks that were made previously.
Learner Driver
10 May 2017 11:06:34  
You are not the only one. I'm disappointed to. Why is it necessary to convert the maps? I have build over 230 maps - secured with a PW. Now I have to edit every map. Thats not fair.
Learner Driver
Location: DE
10 May 2017 11:33:32  
This is exactly the way it is, in MP4 the maps can not play backwards compatible with this variety of maps. It is uncomfortable to expect the authors to convert all their maps, many of the authors no longer care about their maps, others are far too many (see for example Mr.DvD).
The car under MP4 faster starts than in older versions is already stupid but who would like to improve all his records.

So, I have converted an older map as described here.
Everything so far ok, the replays are still present, also the hint is disappeared and the replays is pointed to an older version.
I wonder why I can not download my map here on MX ?
I will be returned to the home page.

Last edited by Patriot, 10 May 2017 11:36:31
Quad Bike Racer
10 May 2017 12:10:41  
Thx eyebo for the summary (and everthing else)! (y)

Updating tracks on MX works so far, but I have the feeling the shadows aren't computed correctly ( or they are just not looking good or just different). It looks cheap.
Anybody else made observations like that?
Maybe somebody could be so nice to test the shadows on this track:
After the second jump, on the right side, there is a block that has a deep black surface. It's just not looking right. :s

Thanks in advance
Moped Racer
Location: DE
10 May 2017 12:18:54  
We can better make a new Mania Exchange website and start over fresh. And close TMX so the community is back in one place.:p
Location: NL
10 May 2017 13:43:16  
Hans Holo says:
After the second jump, on the right side, there is a block that has a deep black surface. It's just not looking right. :s

No problem, I have in a MP4 converted map a completely red booster, the platform is completely red:-w
Quad Bike Racer
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