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Come here to say : Thank you to ManiaExchange Team
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24 July 2017 11:21:42  
Thank you so much for updating!(y)

Just one question: I noticed that some maps were updated again recently. Is it just a mistake and if not, when will the very final updates be ready? :d (just want to know, in order to fix/adjust some details & ambiance)
G-kart Racer
Location: DE
24 July 2017 21:30:10  
We're doing all the maps again that were done before June 15, 2017. There were some changes to ManiaPlanet with that update that broke some lightmaps. Just minor shadow bugs. Nothing too serious.

We probably have another couple weeks to go on it.

I'll post here when we're finished. ;)
Site Leader
Location: US
24 July 2017 21:54:38  
wow guys you are awesome! thats just so much work...
Beetle Racer
Location: DE
25 July 2017 03:02:25  
ty eyebo! and thanks again to whole MX crew for that twice amount of work :d
G-kart Racer
Location: DE
that's great but... 28 September 2017 04:15:58  
i was hoping you guys would keep the mp3 version available for download, when i try to open the mp4 maps with the mp3 version of trackmania it closes the game
Learner Driver
28 September 2017 20:45:56  
You can still open Pre-MP4 replays with the frozen install of MP3 and play against those. They're marked with a exclamation mark on track pages to show they're older replays and won't display properly in MP4. In many cases the maps are updated, but the replays are not.

We do have a backup of all maps the mx crew updated. But we have no plans to make those public, unless an author requests one.

The majority of players have updated to MP4. You shouldn't stay on MP3 unless you have very specific reasons why you need to.

eyebo says:
I'll post here when we're finished. ;)

Oh we finished a long time ago, and I forgot to post here. :p
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Site Leader
Location: US
30 September 2017 00:33:54  
so if they don't have a replay without the exclamation mark there is no way to play them on mp3? thecanyon and valley handling mp4 is pretty bad and stadium got uglier, the mods aren't working either, i prefer to play the mp3 version when possible

any reason to not upload the backup? having a giant map pack would be really great, like the ones in the united exchange forum like these
Last edited by Visitor, 30 September 2017 01:04:46
Learner Driver
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