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Community track - Stadium dirt
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Community track - Stadium dirt 30 August 2018 22:17:47  
Hey guys,
I want to make a community project! A dirt one!:build: (but not with gearchange and so on, just fun for normal people)

There will not be any special rules, it just should get a fun to drive, flowy track.
But some rules are necessary:;)

1. no custom blocks
2. up to 15 set to build
3. make it respawnable pls (2nd way maybe)
4. dont edit other players track for your part without their permission (scenery doesnt count as track)

I made the beginnign already (with the start made by   Arkive for another community map that failed)

"Two Rocks by   Rioyter is the map to build further. (just delete the finish and go on:) )

Just write me a PM or in the comments if you want to participate.

Upload the track as unreleased and send the link into the comments. There we can discuss with all other participants what you might want to change or something else.

Scenery is not needed but you can build it if you want.


I'll keep you updated in this post :)

Builders: Arkive, Rioyter

Last edited by Rioyter, 05 September 2018 17:17:22
Old Age Caravanner
04 September 2018 15:39:16  
count me in:build:
Learner Driver
Location: PL
04 September 2018 20:41:52  
I'd like to partecipate somehow :d
Learner Driver
Location: IT
05 September 2018 17:18:23  
I'm exited to get this rolling:p
Who ever wants to start!
Old Age Caravanner
14 September 2018 14:00:02  
I will start so, I don't usually use MX forum. (Thanks eyebo for the ping on discord haha)
It's possible to use discord instead of replying there? Thanks in advance.
(Here is my name on Discord: Lucario#6221)
Learner Driver
Location: IT
17 September 2018 17:18:21  
You can count me in if there's still room! I usually don't use MX Forum either, so my Discord is Superal#2808. Would be great if you could give me a heads-up there when I should build.
Old Age Caravanner
Location: BE
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