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MTC April 2019: Eye Candy (Results on page 5)
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17 April 2019 16:12:07  
fabinshain says:
well, but how can i circumvent the upload limit of 4mb for the map? lag isn't an issue

You can't. The 4MB limit is here for MX because the game doesn't allow maps over 4MBs on servers.

Ways to reduce filesize:
- Don't use day/night cycle (it uses 4 Lightmaps)
- Reduce the number of ghosts in mediatracker
- Don't use duplicate blocks or items from different folders. The game has to embed each of them.
- Reduce the number of items or blocks used. Use the "simplify mesh" button in Mesh Modeler to reduce the size of existing items if they're your own.
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21 April 2019 18:20:49  
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MTC Dreary - Days 25 April 2019 10:47:39  
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26 April 2019 14:14:59  
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27 April 2019 16:33:46  
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27 April 2019 17:17:27  
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27 April 2019 23:08:12  
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mtc map 28 April 2019 12:50:13  
here is my mtc track Island themed in valley

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28 April 2019 18:10:01  
(just to make sure: do i have to add "mtc" also in the filename? or is the name on MX sufficient?)

Nice theme this month (y) I participate with my new F1-items map, its rather a minimal design, but i hope you like the clean look as much as i do ;) Big thanks to Demented for making the items and Slayer for porting them to stadium envy :)

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