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MXLC - MX Lagoon Cup - ongoing map request
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MXLC - MX Lagoon Cup - ongoing map request  
The weekly MX Lagoon Cup (MXLC) regularly needs new maps to keep things fresh and interesting! All players are welcome to submit maps for possible inclusion. Below are the map styles you can build for, as well as mapping guidelines, and information about submitting a map.

ManiaCalendar - Schedule for Lagoon Cup and other events.
Site Rules
"MXLC - MX Lagoon Cup" MapPack

Build only in the TM2 Lagoon titlepack.

There are four possible track styles you can build for:
- Race - 35 to 45 seconds (flying lap time) multilap (validated with 3 laps)
- Race - 40 to 60 seconds point to point
- Race - 3 to 6 minutes point to point
- Platform - 45 to 60 seconds point to point

General Track Design:
- A clear and simple design. Easy to learn within a few minutes.
- No speedchecks
- Place checkpoints strategically to reduce the possibility of cuts.
- Easy to Intermediate difficulty
- All surfaces may be used. Some tracks may focus on a single surface, while others may offer a variety.
- Day, Sunrise, and Sunset are preferred.

Scenery & Display Cost
- Under 10,000 display cost is preferred (up to 25,000 for longer maps)
- Scenery should be used to lead the driver.
- Minimize scenery when it's out of view of the driver.

- Use this sign at least once in your map: lag_mxlc.png (made by Marie). Paste the URL from MX into the game.
- Signs from the MX2019 signpack can also be used if you want.

- Pathfinding signs should be consistent and easy to follow.
- Use only these SignPacks for pathfinding:
Default Nadeo signs
TM Turbo SignPack
Marie's Modern Sign Pack (Lagoon Chapter)

- You should be able to finish the track from any CP respawn using the main route.
- The next CP should be placed no more than 10 seconds from the previous respawn
Rollercoaster sections that break this last rule, may be allowed, if they're easy.

- Rollercoaster sections should have forced internal camera when going sideways or upside-down.
- GPS is allowed (if triggered somewhere other than the start)

- Embedded items/blocks
- Blockmixing (as long as there is no flickering)
- Custom (static) time of day
- Custom music
- Multiple finishes (all finishes must be easy to see and obvious which is faster)
- Texture mods (if they're small and look good)
- Magnets (only if built in a way to reduce possibility of speedbugs)
Speedbugs most often occur when the car loses contact with the road, but maintains magnetic attraction.

Not Allowed:
- Day/night cycle
- Triangles3D block in MediaTracker (can crash the server on loading)
- Passworded maps
- Previously released maps or maps shared anywhere before, even in beta form.
- Inappropriate map names (see rules below)
- PF starts (they often break when using analog controllers)

Naming Rules
As these are new rules, old tracks will not require updates unless the author wishes to.
- No offensive names (in any language)
- No special characters
- No repetitive names (eg. MXLC - MyTrack1, MXLC - MyTrack2, etc.)
- No lazy names: (eg. MXLC - Lagoon, MXLC - 10, MXLC - gnbgufgfbh)

MXLC Platform:
- Easy to intermediate difficulty (e.g. green/blue Nadeo platform).
- Every CP should have similar difficulty.
- Good sign placement and pathfinding (GPS not required, but GPS at a CP is ok).
- Don't be afraid to build tricky spots that need you to slow down a lot.

Before you submit a map, please consider:
- MXLC maps may get hunted for years after the cup is over. Polish the design, scenery, and signage before submitting a map.
- Start the map name with the MXLC prefix. For example: MXLC - MapName

New maps will be tested as late as the day before an MXLC. Ensure new maps are uploaded with plenty of time to check them. Maps posted late or last minute may be deferred until the next relevant MXLC.

How do I upload my map?
Go to the "MXLC - MX Lagoon Cup" MapPack and click the Upload button.
Set the map as "Unreleased" and "Hidden", but not "Unlisted".
New maps can only be downloaded by MXLC admins.

What happens if my map is approved?
- You'll receive a notification on MX when the map is approved.
- The map will be added to a queue of maps that can be used.
- You will be notified via PM (MX or Discord) when your map has been selected for an MXLC.

What if modifications to the track are requested?
- You'll receive a notification about what changes are requested.
- When a map is updated, the map will be moved back to the pending stage and will be tested again.
- Further modifications may be requested. Otherwise we will approve it.
- We reserve the right to update your map if you're inactive (haven't logged onto MX for over a year) or do not respond to requests to update the map in a reasonable amount of time (~1 month). If we do update your map, we will credit you in the track name. Example: "MXLC - Tropicali (by Tuta)"
Please note: Updating your map, even if updates aren't requested, will put the map into pending.

If my map is accepted, when can it be released?
- An MXLC admin will release your map within the map group as soon as Map Discovery begins for the MXLC in which the map is played.

What if my map is declined?
- If your map is declined, this means the map is unsuitable for the MXLC.
- You'll get a notification if it's declined.
- Maps are declined if major portions of the track would have to be changed to make the map suitable.
- You can release your declined map by removing the MXLC tag in-game, resaving the map, and re-uploading to MX.
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