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how do i play the demo?
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how do i play the demo? 25 January 2021 20:27:13  
I started TM a long time ago i got it on CNET as a trial I love this game but I recently decided to try lagoon before I purchase it and I am glad I did because it will not direct me to a server or even allow me to play offline. Why is this?
Learner Driver
28 January 2021 03:01:30  
The older demo system was changed to the current Channels system. Essentially, you can play the current Trackmania (or Shootmania) channel for free, regardless of what the title being used would normally require. The channel will cycle through different programs, usually letting you try out the different environments on community made maps. The channels should be the first thing you see once you log in to Maniaplanet. Being able to try out the titlepacks offline is no longer an option, unfortunately.
MTC Host
Location: US
18 February 2021 03:35:52  
You can see a schedule of what's being played in channels here:
Site Leader
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