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MX Knockouts - Weekly Podium Results
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10 November 2011 06:04:19  
Its on this weekend ! First ever TM2 KO. 12th Nov (see start times in first post)
Playing the KO1 tracks in rounds
If the server gets too full we might have to limit the numbers so be there early !
Beetle Racer
10 November 2011 06:13:53  
Yeah...... first ever KO...... sure :cool:
Old Age Caravanner
Location: AU
10 November 2011 13:46:49  
Woot! cant wait :)
Learner Driver
10 November 2011 17:30:18  
Awesome :d Never played in a KO in TM1, and gonna play in the first one in TM2 :)
Learner Driver
10 November 2011 21:02:16  
Can't wait to play :)
Old Age Caravanner
Location: US
10 November 2011 22:21:22  
Was also cool in TMU, will try to be there.
Learner Driver
Location: BE
11 November 2011 09:44:55  
On what server will take place KO1?
Learner Driver
Location: PL
11 November 2011 11:39:53  
Marcin41 says:
On what server will take place KO1?

Mikey says:
The server is called MX KnockOut and located in the UK

All KO pools will be played at the same server, one pool each week.

The MX KnockOut server is currently down for maintenance, right ? Because it's not online at the moment :)
Last edited by Voyager006, 11 November 2011 13:29:24
Location: NO
11 November 2011 18:44:05  
UK is currently on GMT, if its easier for the rest of the world we could just always keep the KO on GMT so that wherever you are you only need to know the time in GMT. Of course, UK & Europe would need to adjust to a clock change twice a year, but maybe keeping the KO on a world-constant would be the way to go on.

(part of the reason it previosuly followed uk time at 10am was becuase I was the main admin every week and 1hr later would have made it impossible for me to do it on some weeks).
Last edited by MrA, 11 November 2011 18:46:31
Surely Retired
Location: GB
12 November 2011 06:00:42  
4 hours to go :cool:
Surely Retired
Location: GB
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