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MX Knockouts - Weekly Podium Results
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19 November 2011 22:46:38  
Results KO2, 19-11-11, evening

:gold: haenry
:silver: zix
:bronze: Marius89
6. Space xD
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Zimmer Racer
Location: LT
19 November 2011 22:53:52  
Marius 89 says:
btw: I forgot to write sth before final vs voyager...
"Let's tie!" :d

but somehow we didn't anyway xD

For those of you who didn't get this, just let me inform that i got tied at least 7 times during this KO =p
Location: NO
20 November 2011 00:00:55  
lol, there were a lot of tied times. Skills, skills.

Thanks for posting the results Space.

I'm going to make some videos now. :p
Site Leader
Location: US
20 November 2011 22:40:57  
Videos of the 2nd timeslot races are up:
video of the first race
video of the final
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Site Leader
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26 November 2011 13:51:20  
51 players! :o From the front page:

ohei2 says:
Saturday 10:00 GMT
Today's TM2 MX KO started out with 51 players competing on KO1 tracks. We played with multiple KOs until we were down to 20. The final race was stunning since both players crashed.

:gold: E|Laurens
:silver: DriftN|Cake.!
:bronze: Demise»Weeeeee

Unfortunately there were a few disconnects. :( Better luck next time.

Saturday 22:00 GMT
See you later. Join here before the start.

Congrats to Laurens, Cake, and Weeeeee! That must have been a close final. I wish I hadn't have been too tired to make it this week. That also means no video this week from me, unless the finalists wish to send me their replays. ;)

I'll be hosting at 22:00 GMT though. See you then! (y)
Site Leader
Location: US
26 November 2011 16:03:09  
The final wasnt really very close^^ First a huge crash from Cake,then a huge crash from Laurens 10 secs later,and then Cake does another crash where Laurens did it :p
Old Age Caravanner
Location: NO
26 November 2011 17:17:49  
That's the KOs for you. :cool:


And here's the results of the second timeslot KO:

Saturday 22:00 GMT
The KO started with 34 players. And before we knew it, we had our winners. Thanks for playing everyone!

:gold: E|のoctor
:silver: NoG» Marius89
:bronze: hal.ko.chris
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Site Leader
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29 November 2011 17:49:55  
We are thinking of keeping the Knockout always at 10:00 and 22:00 GMT, regardless of how europe adjusts its clocks for summer time. How do people both in Europe and not in Europe think of that proposal?

I'm interested in overall (region wide) effects more than individual effects.
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Surely Retired
Location: GB
01 December 2011 03:01:11  
Next KO: 3rd Dec 2011
KO2 tracks - Time Attack ( 1:30 )
Start Time: 10:00 GMT

A Second KO will be played 12 hours later at 22:00 GMT

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Beetle Racer
03 December 2011 11:47:53  
Primary KO results

:gold: Voyager006
:silver: Cake
:bronze: Jeffrey

Secondary KO
to be played ....
Beetle Racer
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