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MX Knockouts - Weekly Podium Results
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KO2 - 17.12.2011, 10:00 GMT 17 December 2011 11:14:04  
Saturday 10:00 GMT

:gold: rip¬dawid
:silver: rip¬jeffrey
:bronze: DriftN|Pipin

Saturday 22:00 GMT

:gold: WTF?! Voyager »LT
:silver: Lik3D Shadow
:bronze: Lik3D Norman
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Zimmer Racer
Location: LT
18 December 2011 00:20:34  
Thanks for all the support this year, particpants and authors !
The MX KO will be on break for atleast 2 weeks

DriftN clan will be running a KO of their own next saturday GMT 10:00, server location Australia
And eyebo may run it at GMT 22:00 for the next 2 weeks ?
Last edited by Mikey, 18 December 2011 08:29:21
Beetle Racer
18 December 2011 00:29:33  
DriftN has given me permission to run the KO's on their server at 22:00 GMT timeslot the next two weeks. So I'll be doing it there. ;)
Site Leader
Location: US
18 December 2011 10:28:10  
btw its Lik3D Norman, not Normal^^
Quad Bike Racer
Location: DE
18 December 2011 13:53:01  
That's the 2nd time I've made that mistake. I called him Normal on the server too. My apologies! :$
Site Leader
Location: US
20 December 2011 12:28:30  
Hi guys,

Sythy from DriftNation (DriftN) here! Just letting you all know that our KO will go ahead, all brand new tracks, mixed with a few not so known tracks. The KO will start at the same time that the MX one does, and will run the exact same system. It will be run in rounds mode!!

Eyebo will be running the 22:00 GMT KO off our server as well :) Using the same maps. It would be really good to see a lot of people at both, but being Christmas we understand if you can not make it :)

- Syth
Learner Driver
Location: AU
24 December 2011 23:10:46  
Sorry I forgot some clannames and stuff... I'll check my replays in a bit to fix this...

December 24, 2011 KnockOut hosted by DriftNation...

10:00 GMT

:gold: DriftN| CaptainKorhonen
:silver: rip- Dawid
:bronze: DriftN| Cake.!

22:00 GMT

:gold: gamed!de BooB
:silver: hal.ko.Chris
:bronze: DriftN| Panthorea

KnockOuts will be held on the DriftN server again next week (Dec 31) at 10:00 GMT and 22:00 GMT.
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Site Leader
Location: US
31 December 2011 21:29:13  
It looks like the DriftN Knockout is cancelled. Their server is down and no members are around online. :(

Did anyone go to a 10:00 GMT Knockout or was that a fail as well?


Next week the official mx Knockout will resume! See you there! (y)
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Site Leader
Location: US
31 December 2011 21:53:22  
I wasn't there but I'm pretty sure there was a 10:00GMT KO.

Why there isn't one now, I have no idea, I can't see any other DriftN online.

- prod
Learner Driver
05 January 2012 00:07:19  
The KnockOut returns for 2012 !

Next KO: 7th Jan 2012
KO1 tracks - Rounds
Start Time: 10:00 GMT

A Second KO will be played 12 hours later at 22:00 GMT
Beetle Racer
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