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CHRISTMAS CALENDAR PROJECT '20 - sign-up & orga !
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CHRISTMAS CALENDAR PROJECT '20 - sign-up & orga ! 19 October 2020 21:05:23  


What is the CCP?

The CCP works like a Christmas calendar. Every day of December, up to the 25th, a track will be uploaded as a little present. The CCP has been hosted for more than a decade now and for the first time in 3 separate games. This fact however might indroduce problems. Out of concerns about not getting enough admissible submissions this year, it has been decided, for the first time in CCP history, to add a cash prize to the best maps. Team Spectrum will be sponsoring the event with a prizepool of £100. The distribution will be - £30 for 1st, £25 for 2nd, £15 for 3rd plus 3 £10 awards for honourable mentions. Ideally, the places will be determined by popular vote at the end of the event, but depending on the turnout, a panel of mapping experts might be used alongside or instead (similar to MTC). Potential judges will get announced at a later date.

  • Most importantly, you need to guarantee your maps readiness and be able to upload it by your chosen date, to ensure the event format
  • Once the map has been uploaded, you’re not allowed to make alterations


  • 1 map submission per author, to boost diversity
  • Duo and community maps are allowed (includes scenery, mediatracker, screenshot etc help)
  • Length: Minimum 35 seconds
  • Style: Up to you! (except no hard trial, luck based or press forward maps) Creativity, a unique atmosphere and meticulousness are encouraged
  • Size: No limit as long as it can be opened in solo mode
  • Trackname: CCP#XX - Trackname (e.g. CCP#04 - winter)
  • Any kind of beta area is not allowed to keep the surprise factor for everyone. Under some circumstances, teasers might be permitted
  • All titlepacks are allowed. If your chosen titlepack is no longer on the store, then you must provide a download link to that titlepack for the duration of the CCP event. Envimix is allowed as well as blockmixing
  • Make sure everyone can open your map without downloading extra custom blocks besides the ones that are embedded
  • Try to put a Winter/Christmas theme into your track. Usage of the X-mas mods (stadium, canyon, valley) by   Ozon and the winter mod (lagoon) by   luk-t-obk are encouraged

The default amount of maps will be 25 with the option of bonus maps. There's no first come, first serve basis for days, to give every interested mapper a chance to be included. Since the amount of days is limited and depending on the interest, we might get multiple submissions for the same day. In that case, the map style/envi and the mappers previous work will be used to decide who gets the slot (originality, aptitude and submissions by other people will determine the result). However if we get enough high quality submissions, we might include them in the event and release them in bulk on Christmas day. Regardless all days must be assigned by the 22nd of November. You have until then to sign up! If you want to participate, write me a pm here on ManiaExchange or on Discord (Cinimini#0861). Please list your preferred day as well as provide a small description of what you are planning to build (environment, style, length).

Side info:

  •   eFFecT kindly voluteered as this years videomaker (l). The map authors are advised to send him a replay before (ideally a week) the release of your map to the public.
  • An extra thread for map posting will be made just before December, where you will post the link to your maps
  • Just for information, the standard time for publishing maps is around noon (CET) to allow most time zones to have the map on the day in question. However if you do not have the possibility to, you can publish it at the time you want
  • The dates with :wait: are still available!


01 :done:
02 :done:
03 :done:
04 :done:
05 :done:
06 :done:
07 :done:
08 :done:
09 :done:
10 :done:
11 :done:
12 :done:
13 :done:
14 :done:
15 :done:
16 :done:
17 :done:
18 :done:
19 :done:
20 :done:
21 :done:
22 :done:
23 :done:
24 :done:
25 :done:

Bonus maps:

24 :done: (1)
25 :done: (1)
26 :wait:

Total map submissions [27]

Winter mods, signs and items:

-Signpack :

-X-mas mods :

-Items :

I'm now waiting for your PMs, and will start a new topic just before December where you'll be able to post your tracks. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me either on ManiaExchange or Discord.

Happy mapping! ;)

Useful links
CCP '20 maps | Christmas mods | Lagoon mod
MX Youtube channel | CCH '20 contest | CCP '20 mappack

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Judging 02 December 2020 06:42:32  
The maps will be ranked by a panel of 10 judges. A 10 point system will be used (where 1 is lowest and 10 highest score). The results of the panel will be combined with a public vote, to determine the prize winners. The public voters will be asked to list their top 3 (worth 2 points each) and an honourable mention (worth 1 point each). There will be a questionnaire running from the 25th of December until midnight CET of the 9th of January, where every mx user is allowed to vote for their favourite maps. If foul play is suspected, the event organizer reserves the right to cross examinate a users voting choices and if needed, exclude them from the voting results. The panel of judges consist of:


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