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Location: Home  Find Tracks  Snake55wildcat's Tracks  Indigo|Harmony 
Track information Report track
Name : Indigo|Harmony
Authors :
  Snake55wildcat — Builder (Sections 2 & 4), AT, Screenshot, MT.
  ThaumicTom — Builder (Sections 1 & 3), Custom Signs, Intro MT. BGM Selector
Author Time : 00:58.474
Track ID : 158284 
Environment : Valley / ValleyCar
Style / Diff. : Race / Intermediate
Track Value :  32
Version : 15 February 2019 17:00:42
Status : Visible (approved)
Release Status : Released 
Game : TrackMania 2
TitlePack : TMValley Mod : (none)
Uploaded : 15 February 2019 17:00:42 Map Type : Race
Mood : Sunset Routes : Single
Length : 1 min Ghostblocks :
Disp. Cost : 8811 Laps : (none)
 Offline records
Record User Score Date
 00:56.923   GravelGuy 32 (100%) 17-02-19
 00:57.014    riolu! 30.72 (96%) 16-02-19
 00:57.982   SolideZeehond 29.44 (92%) 15-02-19
 00:58.153 28.16 (88%) 16-02-19
 00:58.302   ArkesTM 26.88 (84%) 15-02-19
 01:00.854   niebo 25.6 (80%) 15-02-19
 01:02.728   jackino 24.32 (76%) 16-02-19
 01:04.966    eyebo.wp 23.04 (72%) 17-02-19
 Dedimania recordsView on Dedimania
 Author Comments
Surprise! Welcome one and all to what is likely to be quite a stealthy release, as nobody saw it coming but hey, makes it all the more exciting to find out dont you think? I've been working hard with ThaumicTom together to create a brand new duomap in the glorious Valley environment - full of twists, turns and ideas accessible while still remaining challenging! I for one am happy about how the track came about in the end, with us working together on many aspects of the map (and co-developed the Intro too, his camerawork is great!), tweaking small sections as well as pushing the environment and the embed limit to its limit, and dont just take my word for it either!

Well, after we decided to build the track, many things happened in it's progression. I am really proud of how it turned out in the end. I'd like to mention that In total, we used 25 different Items, which brought us to exactly 1 MB of embed size.

Indeed, the track also contains a fair few items made just for this map as well, but i wont be spoiling any of that :p

The last item added in was for the finish, He really made a crazy finish idea I'm liking. Overall, we put a lot of effort into the track, watched out for every single detail, and as the title suggests, we two brilliantly harmonised together, and created one of the most awesome duotrack out there. Thanks a lot snake!

it's been a pleasure building with you, and without further ado, here's some additional stats and info on the map for those curious, because who doesnt love stats?

Coppers: 8811
AuthorTime: 0:58.47 (set by Snake55wildcat)
MT Intro/Ingame/Outro/Podium - Yes/Yes+Demo/Yes/Yes
Section Order: Tom/Snake/Tom/Snake
Custom BGM (chosen by ThaumicTom!): "Sunkenspace" by Memtrix (also .loc-ated, dont worry!)

Now, with all this said and done, WE hope you enjoy this brand new duomap of ours, we have put a lot of work into this one and i hope that becomes apparent when you drive the map! Good luck, Have fun and we shall see you again next time! (y)
 Embedded objects
Object Object author
BasicRampIGuess.Item.Gbx snake55wildcat
Block2.Block.Gbx thaumictom
BlockArch4x1Edit.Block.Gbx snake55wildcat
BlockCPDirtBasic.Block.Gbx snake55wildcat
BlockHillSlopeDirt2x2NoTree.Block.Gbx snake55wildcat
BlockNoTree.Block.Gbx snake55wildcat
BlockNoWallMod.Block.Gbx snake55wildcat
DivideRoadGap.Block.Gbx snake55wildcat
NoBarrierRoad3.Block.Gbx thaumictom
PLEASEWORKDAMNIT.Item.Gbx snake55wildcat
GrassCP2.Item.Gbx thaumictom
Aqua-1x.Item.Gbx thaumictom
BridgeUphill_2.Item.Gbx riolu
V-BigRoadFinish.Item.gbx thaumictom
DirtToVerticalPlatform2edit.Gbx.Block.Gbx snake55wildcat
grassfix_riolu.Item.gbx thaumictom
V_Rock1.Item.gbx xrayjay
ValleyRockSmall.Item.Gbx snake55wildcat
ValleyRockXL.Item.Gbx snake55wildcat
V-Up.Item.gbx xrayjay
ViaductHalf.Item.Gbx thaumictom
ViaductHalfMiddlePillar.Item.Gbx thaumictom
ViaductHalfPillarBottom.Item.Gbx thaumictom
TunnelRamp1.Item.Gbx killerboye
TunnelRampHalf1.Item.Gbx snake55wildcat
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