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 [90MC - 14] Flush it down the tube

by  fabinshain  |  12
AT   00:28.212 |  Stadium / StadiumCar   |   Intermediate 
ID  160925 
 01 April 2019 19:30:02
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# Record User Score Date
1st   00:29.298  eFFecT 12 (100%) 12-05-19
2nd   00:32.207   eyebo.wp 11.52 (96%) 01-04-19
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 Embedded objects28 Objects
Object IX? Object author
S_SD_cp.Item.gbx xrayjay
wall-c3x3-inside.Item.Gbx fabinshain
wall-c3x3.Item.Gbx fabinshain
wall-easydownhill-c-40m.Item.Gbx fabinshain
wall-flat-to-easy-Mirror.Item.Gbx fabinshain
CP-Banner-non-functional-Use-Decal.Item.Gbx fabinshain
c-downhill-right-36m.Item.Gbx fabinshain
s16m.Item.Gbx fabinshain
s32m.Item.Gbx fabinshain
s4m.Item.Gbx fabinshain
uphill-transition.Item.Gbx fabinshain
c2x2-inside.Item.Gbx fabinshain
c2x2.Item.Gbx fabinshain
c3x3-inside.Item.Gbx fabinshain
c3x3.Item.Gbx fabinshain
s12m.Item.Gbx fabinshain
easyuphill-transition.Item.Gbx fabinshain
platform-flat-transition-Mirror.Item.Gbx fabinshain
platform-flat-transition.Item.Gbx fabinshain
platform-transition-mirror.Item.Gbx fabinshain
platform-transition.Item.Gbx fabinshain
uphill-transition-mirror.Item.Gbx fabinshain
c-40m-left.Item.Gbx fabinshain
downhill-transition-mirror.Item.Gbx fabinshain
downhill-transition.Item.Gbx fabinshain
easydownhill-transition-Mirror.Item.Gbx fabinshain
easydownhill-transition.Item.Gbx fabinshain
easyuphill-transition-Mirror.Item.Gbx fabinshain
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[90MC - 14] Shitfest edition  MX Moderator... 56
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