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 Bailar (ft Cocø)

by  Mr. Nordplay +1 |  20
AT   00:50.535 |  Canyon / CanyonCar   |   Intermediate 
ID  168768 
 11 July 2019 17:22:39
 Visible (approved) |  Released 
 Mr. Nordplay — Map builder (3/4) Sign, Video
 CoreNite — Scenary/ambience/mediatracker
 Offline records
Record User Score Date
 00:49.954  Larentz 20 (100%) 11-07-19
 00:50.432  Plaste 19.2 (96%) 14-07-19
 00:50.495  Racho 18.4 (92%) 11-07-19
 00:51.701  Nighthawk 17.6 (88%) 12-07-19
 00:53.265  OLDA_X 16.8 (84%) 11-07-19
 00:53.277   eyebo.wp 16 (80%) 16-07-19
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 Author Comments
We are happy to present you our duo map intituled "Bailar" which is associated with the music.
Our map is based on some basic and technical turns, and also smooth transitions that will give you the pleasure of drive.
I have made the 3/4 of the map line, with some of the scenary, and a sign image.
Coco helped me to find a finish, and makeing the scenary with a better view of the nature, + fog/mediatracker.

The map itself turned out to be a nice project, and we hope you all other players that play this map will enjoy it as we did making it.

GPS is added,

Good luck out there!

Video showcase of the map

A big thank you for those who awarded this map and the comment we receive from players!

  zomb4k - Thank you for awarding this map!
  Larentz - Thank you! You took a strong dedi 1 today on the map!
Also glad you liked this map! + thanks for the award!:d

  butifarra - Thank you for the award!
  OLDA_X - Thank you from both of us and the award! Glad you enjoyed the map
  Racho - Thank you for uploaded a reply and awarding this map!
  Alfred54 Thanks for the award!

  REACTisback - Thank you for awaring this map !
  Nighthawk - Thanks for awarding!
  GrandPa - Thanks for award!
  gb - We are glad to hear you liked it! Thanks for awarding!=p
  CanyonRacer - Thank you for the award on this map!
  chuckie - Thank you for award!
  Plaste Thank you for the award!:)
  andr'eas Thank you for a nice comment! Also for awarding this map!(:
  MikeTiger Thank you for that! That also goes to Cocø for doing a fantastic work with me on the track and the nature on the map! Also thank you for awarding this map :$
  Schellione Thank you for the award! You did greate time on the map first evening you hunted it, while i stalked you on ad'Racing ESL!:d:$
  olddad Thank you for liking the map and the award!(:
  eyebo.wp Thanks for submitting a replay and awarding this map!
  MorodoStyle Thank you for awarding and enjoying the map!(:
  figgi Thanks for awarding this map!(:

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