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Mania Exchange information
Name : Tortilla Chip Raceway (2017 Edition)
Author :
Version :20 May 2017 05:20:04
Uploaded :17 August 2011 07:28:45
Track ID :
Track Value : Classic
Status : Visible (approved)
Release Status : Released
Track details
Game : TrackMania 2
TitlePack : TMCanyonMod : (none)
Map Type : RaceStyle : Race
Environment : CanyonRoutes : Single
Length : 30 secsDiff. : Beginner
Disp. Cost : 5773Laps : (none)
Mood : DayVehicle : CanyonCar
Author Time : 00:32.036Ghostblocks :
 Offline records
 00:31.331  Keirabxtch1000 (100%)18-06-17
 00:31.461  Doc_Me4ik900 (90%)12-06-17
 00:31.536  Patriot810 (81%)12-06-17
 00:31.604  Mortex -745-720 (72%)26-05-17
 00:32.094  OLDA_X650 (65%)12-06-17
 Dedimania records... by Dedimania
 Author Comments
August 17, 2011: Here's my first TM2 track. :) Hope you enjoy it!

November 8, 2011: Wow! The track has now been played over 5800 times on 170 servers (according to maniarecords), making it the most widely played TM2 track online. Thanks not only to the awarders here and those who have hunted on it, but also to the server owners who have loaded it on their servers.

April 6, 2016: There are some spinoffs from this map. I'll list them below.

The original Tortilla Chip Raceway has no custom outro cameras, or podium. For the GEEX competition, I was asked to make an alternate version with those things. I also added some more scenery. You can find that version here:
"GEEX - Tortilla Chip Raceway by   eyebo

Towards the end of 2011, I made an extended version for use in the DriftN Knockout competition. I've finally posted that version, and you can check it out here:
"Tortilla Chip Raceway (KO Edition) by   eyebo

pfm made a challenge based on the uphill left turn:
"StigAcademy: Tortilla Slice by   pfm

DisasterMaster99 did a remake of it in the Valley environment:
"Tortilla Chip Raceway Remake by   DisasterMaster99

pfm did a remake of DisasterMaster99's remake:
"Tortilla Chip Raceway Valley Remix by   pfm

In March 2016, Trackmania Turbo came out, and the first thing I built in the game, using the new advanced editor for gamepad, was a map based on Tortilla Chip Raceway. You can find that map here:
#1 by eyebo

29.991 & 30.035 riolu! & RobertK (July 9, 2016)
30.324 Funky (July 24, 2012)
30.375 Guillaume (July 16, 2012)
30.378 Furious (February 13, 2012)
30.54x Lik3D''Luffy (August 22, 2011)
30.89x bobanz0r (August 22, 2011)
31.27x MrRandomCuber (October 20, 2012)
32.07x AndrĂ¡s Repka (September 19, 2011)
33.62x bla1r2 (September 15, 2011)

Time Unknown eyebo (December 21, 2011)

Top 25 TMX times (April 22, 2013)
Check video description for snapshot into the Top 25 on that date.

#1 by eyebo Remake in TM Turbo (March 24, 2016)

Records before ManiaPlanet 4 update:
29.991 riolu!
30.035 RobertK
30.088 edk
30.098 7Alvin
30.151 d'Paco
30.182 Mebe12
30.210 ibraheem
30.251 oNio
30.256 Marco
30.284 Gosaft
30.292 Kierabxtch
30.296 Guillaume
30.324 Dilax
30.326 Jarektmnx
30.373 Themaniac2
30.375 Majo
30.378 Furious
30.385 trebor2k
30.414 ploeder_hamster
30.438 Jesus is the salvation <3
30.443 diplo
30.458 Patriot
30.464 Jerem
30.481 Amaterasu!
30.484 Marcin41

:done: May 19, 2017: Well, I finally pulled the trigger and updated this map to ManiaPlanet 4. This is the same version that has been being played in my Canyon Classics Time Attack program in the TrackMania Channel. I had to change the start (add a block ) because the old start jump no longer worked with a tight line. It's a little less calculated now, which I dislike, but it will be better for online. I also took the opportunity to block the cut that was discovered some years ago. The only new blocks I've added are for scenery. Sequoia trees from the 2013 update to Canyon, and particle accelerator blocks from the recent 2017 update.

Also a big thanks to   BushMonkey for making a fun intro for the track!(y)
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Online map rating
Rated 5.00 stars by 3 players.
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