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by   eyebo.wp +8 |  10
AT   02:27.643 |  Canyon / CanyonCar   |   Intermediate 
ID  39214 
 22 July 2017 04:32:17
 Visible (approved) |  Released 
  eyebo.wp — Part 03
 "Poco»LT — Part 01
 Line»UD — Part 02
 Voyager006 — Part 04 & MediaTracker
 NitroGuy! — Part 05
 siem — Part 06
 FT»Osaka — Part 07
 Lukas»LT — Part 08
 kamakaze — Part 09
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 02:38.922   eyebo.wp 10 (100%) 14-06-18
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 Author Comments
»Lazy Trackers presents »LT On Ice !

This Canyon compilation map is built by various LT members since March 13, 2012. A couple of them left the team at times where laziness brought the map to a silent hiatus, so note that not all the contributors are still in LT.

The map name was probably chosen because of our major inactiveness lately. The project was many times put "on ice". On the other hand, it might have been chosen because our first impression of the CanyonCar physics was that it was like driving "on ice". It's probably Line's idea anyway, or else we would have gone for the generic "on Canyon" name tag instead.

In case you wonder, LT On Ice is the first, and most likely the last, LT canyon project map released.

The style varies throughout the track, as different builders added their own special feel for Canyon into the project.

The builders were:
o Poco
o Line
o eyebo
o Voyager006
o NitroGuY!
o Siem
o Osaka
o Behi
o kamakaze.

Project started by: Poco
MT: Voyager006

:award: 2:27.64
12000 m

by Voyager006

Updated for ManiaPlanet 4:
- TMUnlimiter blockmixing bugs taken care of (disappearing clips, surfaces)
- Fixed intro which was broken due to usage of Camera Path and unassigned ghost skins
- Added GPS

Hopefully LT will get active again once Valley Lagoon comes out. ;)

Greetings from the Lazy Trackers ! (and a few Fun Trackers too :p)
We hope you enjoy our team track! (y)
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