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 MTC - Binary (ft. sho0ta)

by  Marius 89 +1 |  16
AT   01:29.612 |  Canyon / CanyonCar   |   Intermediate 
ID  42103 
 26 July 2017 09:31:55
 Visible (approved) |  Released 
 sho0ta — Co-Author
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Record User Score Date
 01:27.312  Marius 89 16 (100%) 28-06-13
 01:28.543  sho0ta 15.36 (96%) 24-06-13
 01:30.670  Plaste 14.72 (92%) 24-06-13
 01:31.300  Keirabxtch 14.08 (88%) 06-07-13
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 Author Comments
MTC - Binary (ft. sho0ta)

For the theme Dual Drive of the MTC June 2013 sho0ta and me decided last night to make a Duo map.

The track
Well first I wanted to build an easy trial map for this MTC. There are many blocks you could use for this MTC's theme. But then I had too much flowy parts already built, so that trial parts didn't really fit into the track. Last night I told sho0ta about this map because I wanted to use one of his epic transitions and then we decided later to finish the map together.
Here it is now: forget everything I told about trial; it is a speedtech map now which keeps it's flow well I think. For the MTC we had to use a minimum of 10 blocks, which the car touches 2 times, but on different block's surfaces each time. I count 12 blocks that we finally Dual-drive on and almost all of them are different blocks. I hope the map is not too difficult at some parts. Anyway Respawns are working in this map just for the case.

Now some information about the map:
Author 1:29.61
:gold: 1:35.00
:silver: 1:45.00
:bronze: 2:00.00

Shadows High Quality
Mood Day
Comments :done:
track length ~6,5km
Planets 4147
Screenie :done: Thx to eyebo for this nice screenshot!:)
The screenshot in big!
A 2nd eyebo Screenshot in big!

We are happy that we could finish the map and I want to thank sho0ta to finish this map with me. His ideas how to connect the ways and his transitions are awesome. Together we complemented one another well, I think.

Therefore here some advertising for sho0ta's most awarded map. If you didn't drive it yet, you should give a try on this masterpiece!

We would be pleased about every feedback.;)
Feel free to:award: if you like :d

Have Fun and Good Luck!;)
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