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by  gado  |  74
AT   01:00.699 |  Canyon / CanyonCar   |   Intermediate 
ID  56185 
 20 June 2017 18:21:46
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MX Best of the week - January 7, 2014 ManiaExchange  MX Moderators
 Offline records
# Record User Score Date
1st   00:58.243  tbpotn 74 (100%) 13-05-14
2nd   00:59.373  edk 59.2 (80%) 15-01-14
3rd   00:59.543  hirsch91 48.1 (65%) 09-01-14
4th   01:00.278  ymce 40.7 (55%) 06-01-14
5th   01:00.538  Scape 34.04 (46%) 05-01-14
6th   01:00.549  G-Zis 29.6 (40%) 04-08-21
7th   01:00.579  davidator2014 25.9 (35%) 08-04-17
8th   01:01.489  Ropesbart 22.2 (30%) 05-01-14
9th   01:01.629  captain_cavern 19.24 (26%) 08-04-17
10th   01:02.087  Ze-Rax 16.28 (22%) 04-01-14
11th   01:02.669  s i c 14.06 (19%) 05-01-14
12th   01:07.519  nibor 11.84 (16%) 07-01-14
13th   01:08.709  Jeanpeche 10.36 (14%) 13-01-14
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 Author Comments
Heya ManiaExchange and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TÖÖÖÖK ..or   T!K
This track was a birthday present for the T!K.. a year ago.. and I'm already late again :$ sorry for that. But to make it good I now got an awesome screen C: by   Sami I wanted to have the nickname somewhere in the track. Now it's official: T!K is a fanatik (funny). As the track is pretty old now, I already hate it. After all there seem to be people that do like it :>

It's basically a Tech/Speedtech thing, some nice transitions, some weird stuff and too much scenery for my pc :/ It's around 11k coppers. I already deleted some scenery, but I'm too lazy to go on with it deleting.. I guess it's kinda weird to hunt, maybe I played too much, I don't know.. but here it is so yeah >.>

:done: intro
:done: gps
:done: custom podium (it's raining cars)

:bronze: 1:32.00
:silver: 1:13.00
:gold: 1:05.00
:award: 1:00.69
below a minute possible I guess :>

wonderful screen:
by   Sami Thanks again :)
such size
very big

Thank you!! For awards and replays (l)
:gold: sho0ta Thanks mate C:
:gold: Thanks, but stop pretending you were bad! :d
:gold: Zeraxex :cool: Danke
:gold: [BCS] Scape Thank you and nice time (y) :)
:gold: s'habba.hu Thanks ^-^ :)
:gold: Ropesbart Thank you :cool: :d
:gold: Sharkey Thanks! :)
:gold: T!K schön, wenn du sie magst :d 11k ist aber zu viel, du lauch :d
:gold: ymce I'm glad you like it :) :cool:
:gold: andrus I know the screen awesome (l) Glad you like it :)
  • 10's :cool: Thank you!!
    :gold: nibor Thanks! but please: FantasT!K :cool:
    :gold: edk Thank you C: sick time! :|
    :gold: Cuba»LT Thanks! seems to be everybody's favourite 8-| mine too :d
    :gold: KillaProD Thank you m8 :d
    :gold: hirsch91 Thanks! :d super sick time! :o
    :gold: RD Thank you :d
    :gold: Sàmµel. Thanks :cool:
    :gold: FT»Lodec Thank you (l)
    :gold: subTech|Dante me thankey :p :d
    :gold: Gorjat. :d Thank you!! ;)
  • omgomg 20's Thank you guys! :cool:
    :gold: bartsimpson94 Thanks, you'll get a good time someday maybe :d
    :gold: JDI Thanks m9806 C:
  • my most awarded track! Thanks all of you! :cool:

    don't forget you could just tell me what you do not like in a comment or pm :)

    Well, for TK of course, since he once had birthday (a long time ago already)
    T!K: go get a screen done and remove those question marks 8-| and you guys: Check it out!
    Another great track, check it out too!
    and for the wonderful screen:
    unfortunately his only Canyon track
    and the latest track

    I hope you have fun on this track! enjoy your ride
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