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by  Zack11  |  65
AT   00:45.434 |  Canyon / CanyonCar   |   Intermediate 
ID  70638 
 25 July 2017 20:37:26
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Record User Score Date
 00:45.280  huebiman 65 (100%) 16-10-14
 00:45.295  edk 62.4 (96%) 25-09-14
 00:45.307  Jeanpeche 59.8 (92%) 12-10-14
 00:45.370  Zack11 57.2 (88%) 09-09-14
 00:45.480  Keirabxtch 54.6 (84%) 16-07-15
 00:45.575  s i c 52 (80%) 08-09-14
 00:45.782  Scape 49.4 (76%) 09-09-14
 00:45.854  sonic-toxic 46.8 (72%) 03-11-14
 00:46.022  XCaliber 44.2 (68%) 08-09-14
 00:46.438  Ropesbart 41.6 (64%) 14-09-14
 00:46.468  Elissar 39 (60%) 09-09-14
 00:46.532  Dag@bert 36.4 (56%) 08-09-14
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 Author Comments
After way too long, I'm proud to present my new map Under|Ground! The original version was created on June 25th, but I changed it so many times that not a single part of the original made it to the final version:o Also, I cannot compute shadows with my computer so this held back the release even further^^ I am also in school right now, so I don't have as much time to work on things as I used to. And finally, I have been spending most of my time on YouTube projects. So I'm sorry it took my so long to upload a new map, I promise it will not be this long between uploads again:)


GPS :done:
Intro :done:
Fun Respawn Routes :done:
Outro :done:
Music: Animus Vox by The Glitch Mob :done:

I held a Screenshot Competition for this map, and here are all of the beautiful entries :d
1. Lodec (Wallpaper Version)
2. Elvestad
3. Gnark
4. Sàmµel.

-----Special Thanks-----

XCaliber: This map wouldn't have been possible without him. He beta tested the map many times throughout the building process, with signs, scenery, respawn routes, and the raceline. He also computed the shadows for the map multiple times! Thanks!(y)
Sic: Another one of my great beta testers, who also gave me the opportunity to beta test his map. He also computed shadows on the map multiple times! Thanks!(y)
Everyone who competed in my Screenshot Contest! They were all amazing!(y)


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