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by  s i c  |  386
AT   00:42.496 |  Canyon / CanyonCar   |   Intermediate 
ID  91232 
 20 June 2017 07:57:45
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Record User Score Date
 00:41.616  Migsub 386 (100%) 18-05-18
 00:41.708   Larentz 370.56 (96%) 28-02-18
 00:42.158  Lemonte 355.12 (92%) 12-11-15
 00:42.161  The Boss 339.68 (88%) 12-10-15
 00:42.188  MiniGod 324.24 (84%) 30-08-15
 00:42.224  Jeanpeche 308.8 (80%) 18-12-17
 00:42.234  edk 293.36 (76%) 07-01-16
 00:42.371  Patriot 277.92 (72%) 26-08-15
 00:42.381  asiermeister 262.48 (68%) 20-08-15
 00:42.391  Jarektmnx 247.04 (64%) 01-05-20
 00:42.411  Zack11 231.6 (60%) 29-08-15
 00:42.421  Awas 216.16 (56%) 20-08-15
 00:42.496  s i c 200.72 (52%) 19-08-15
 00:42.546  400r_ 185.28 (48%) 19-08-15
 00:42.596  -07iv3R- 169.84 (44%) 08-01-17
 00:42.618  Keirabxtch 154.4 (40%) 01-05-17
 00:42.631  Cocø 138.96 (36%) 06-09-15
 00:42.658  airneko83 123.52 (32%) 19-08-15
 00:42.801  fred 108.08 (28%) 06-09-15
 00:42.828  Dag@bert 92.64 (24%) 19-08-15
 00:42.846  Der LK 7531 77.2 (20%) 19-08-15
 00:42.944  Ropesbart 61.76 (16%) 13-09-15
 00:43.021  sbone 46.32 (12%) 29-08-15
 00:43.204   eyebo.wp 30.88 (8%) 06-03-18
 00:43.206  KimoOouille 15.44 (4%) 19-08-15
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 Author Comments

Are you a RockNRolla?

Hey there!:cool:

It's been a while since my last upload. The more I'm happy that I'm finally able to present my new map!
I started working on it parallel to CSb¹»hunt.exe but I wasn't able to finish it properly. Well, that's done now. ;)

Thanks a lot to MirExpress and |[X-v]|Slow for testing the map.

Why the name? Because RockNRolla is a f***ing awesome movie and I wanted something else than the usual electro stuff for the music.

If you prefer to watch a video you can do it on YouTube

Some facts:

:done: AT - 42.49
:done: Complete MT (Maybe the best I've ever made)
:done: Fully Respawnable
:done: Custom Music Godsmack - Sick of Life
:done: Heavy scenery
:done: Fast line
:done: Fun (?)

You like the screenshot?
Here are some wallpapers for you! ;)
-1- | -2- | -3- | -4- | -5-

Same as always: I really hope you enjoy playing this map nearly as much as I've enjoyed creating it (enjoyed it a lot ;)).
If you did have fun please leave an award. If you feel like having something to say please do it in the comments. Make sure to upload your best replays anyway.

Now gogo Rockers and Rollers, happy hunting!:cool:


What a nice start for the map, crazy dudes.:p Thank you all so much!:d

:award: |[X-v]|Slow
I'm really happy that you like the intro that much, took quite a while until it was done. ;) The line was intended to be easy to finish, glad I reached that goal. Thank you sooo much for your ongoing support my friend!(y)

:award: Dag@bert
But it's fast for me!:'( Thanks a lot for your award!:cool:

:award: oldhill
Thank you very much, glad you like it!:)

:award: KimoOouille
Honestly, your awards are always a pleasure to read, they make me smile every time.(l) I'm so glad you like this map. :) But "lord" is a bit too much I guess.;) Anyway, thank you so so so much!:d

:award: airneko83
What the fu*k...:o
Where should I start? Well, at the beginning I guess.:p
I'm really glad you noticed the possibility of the different lines, wasn't intended from the beginning but I'm happy it turned out this way. The middle part is quite straight but I thought this gives beginners the opportunity to achieve good times too. I wanted to keep the map relatively easy and I think I got it. :)
The transition from the beta video just had to go, I tried one week to keep it somehow but I couldn't make it. But it's saved for another map. ;)
I'm also really happy you like the MT, took a little bit of work... I guess 5-6 hours only for the intro...
The music choice was quite easy this time. Cause I'm a metalhead and Godsmack is one of my alltime favourites... hell, how couldn't I have chosen Sick of Life? Loved this song already 15 years ago when it was released! (damn, I'm old^^) And yep, was mostly inspired by you... but also by 400r_ and Zack11 who did such an intro as well recently. :)
You wonder how I made this crazy stuff? Check your PM. ;)
So, before this becomes longer than you award I'll better end here and just say: Thank you so much for this epic award my friend!(l)

:award: Scape»BCS
Thank you so much for your award mate!:cool:

:award: Der LK 7531
To be honest: I really don't know what to say... gratz, you are one of the few persons in the world that managed to make me speechless. ;)
This award is so damn great, I really love it. I've got some really beautiful awards over the years but this one is one of the best. Made me laugh really hard.:d
I'm really happy you enjoyed the map this much! But... "catching as a cactus"?! What the hell...:p This map doesn't hurt people! There are no thorns!=p
Thank you so damn much for this award mate, really appreciate it!(l)

:award: 400r_
Mr. Flow? Should I change my nickname? :p Nice that you think it looks like an improved version of r o o t s !, had kinda the same feeling about it.
The first part was a bit "build by mistake" tbh. ;) It was intended to be drifted completely but while testing I realized it can be driven noslide too. I thought it adds a nice little variety to the line so I kept it that way. Really happy to read you (all) like it that way.:d
Thanks a lot for your beautiful award my friend, it's much appreciated.(l) Oh, be sure, I'll keep rockin' on! \m/

:award: Zubi
Thanks a lot!

:award: GrandPa
Thank you very much, really glad you like the map! :d

:award: ymce
Thank you sooo much for this great award mate!(l) I'm really happy you enjoyed the map. That you think the intro is one of the best synced intros you've ever seen is really nice to read! Again, thanks a lot!

:award: MirExpress
Thank you very much mate! I'm really happy you like the intro as well as the line.

:award: Baxy
Thank you so much, really appreciate this great award!

:award: C4Freak
I'm really happy to read that you like the map this much! :cool: Thanks a lot!:)

:award: Zack11
Aaaand I'm speechless again.8-|
I guess the reason my maps are like they are is really simple. I want to play high quality maps and I do the best I can to create those myself. I'm really happy to read that you think of me as a mapper in that way, really means a lot to me.(l)
About inspiration: I think it's give & receive. Can't tell how many times you inspired me to do something.
I'm really happy that you like the map this much. I tried the best I could to build a good hunter and awards like yours tell me that I've done it right. :)
I'm also glad you like the screenshots. Maybe if I'm lazy I'l l ask you to make one for one of the next maps... but mostly I forget about the screenshot until I want to release the map and don't want to wait for someone to make a screen for me. Yep, I'm a little bit impatient.8-|
Thanks a lot for your awesome award and your support my friend!:d

:award: eyebo
Thank you very much for your nice award, it's much appreciated!:cool:

:award: Patriot
One of the best you drove in the last months?! Soo great to read that!(l) I know, there are spots in the line that can be annoying... but honestly, who cares? :p I'm really glad you like the map and MT this much, thanks a lot!:d

:award: sbone
>> Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! <<=p
I'm always happy to receive an award from you, even more if it's as nice as this one.:d Thank you soooo much for your ongoing support my friend, really appreciate it!:cool:

:award: Alex BF
First of all: Nice to see you back! Need to check out your new map tomorrow. 8-| No problem for being late, better late than never.:p Thank you so much for your award, I'm glad you enjoyed the map this much!:d

:award: poivrot
Meri Merci Merci:p Thank you very much for your award!:cool:

:award: Luporacer
Thanks a lot for your nice award!:d

:award: Silverrogueman
Thank you very much!:d

:award: fred
:$ Thank you very much for this beautiful award. Your support really means a lot to me, always great to see your replays and awards on my maps. Again, thank you very much!(l)

:award: Aircoco
Thanks a lot! Really appreciate your award!:cool:

:award: Ropesbart
Thank you so much for your nice award my friend!:d
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C-Tri.Item.gbx xrayjay
C-Tri2.Item.gbx xrayjay
CanyonPlatformFlatHTransA.Item.gbx TGYoshi
CanyonPlatformFlatHTransAMirror.Item.gbx TGYoshi
CanyonPlatformFlatN.Item.gbx TGYoshi
CanyonPlatformToFlatN.Item.gbx TGYoshi
C_Checkpoint_01.Item.gbx Dag@bert&jui
C_Checkpoint_02.Item.gbx Dag@bert&jui
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