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User Information
Username :   PLTX (17800)
Registered : Wednesday, April 20, 2016 (944 days ago)
Website :
Location : Canada 
Favourite : Delete from favourite authors
User Comments
FR/EN -TM Player since _ April 20, 2016 -
(rarely active as a player since early 2018, but I do some mapping occasionally)


My best n.RPG track :
"Sensi ' Shine by   PLTX

My best Trial track :
"Soft Mango by   PLTX

Our best Collaboration track (made with   Micmo) :
"A&C2 - Cherry by   Micmo & PLTX

Our best Collaboration track (made with   benzin13) :
"Dualism (coop.) by   PLTX & Benzin

Our best Collaboration track (made with   Dodeka) :
"Deep Blue by   PLTX & Dodeka

  • My favorite mappers :   Nixotica &   Dodeka &   Clearvision . :done:

    "Trial achievements:gold: (finished, even easy/short ones) :
    - Blood Moon:done:easy
    - MiniTrial Addiction:done:easy
    - ice cream:done: easy-intermediate
    - Fast Shot:done:really easy
    - AfterWord:done:easy
    - Deep Blue:done:intermediate
    - Soft Mango:done:easy

    For people who wanna try trial, here is a list I'm currently working on, that define (in my opinion!), tracks you shouldn't waste your time on, or not.
    (of course, even if I tried to be objective, it's still my opinion)

    /// BAD.

    StadionTrial 2 by jbence >>> Badly built, some randomness.
    Trial Disrespect by feline666 >>> Just bad...
    Trial Easy by funfotaras >>> Zrt-map like...
    "MiniTrial ยป iretsa by   asteri >>> A glitchy, lolmap-ish track, random.
    Escape your doom 001 by Jasper >>> Long lolmap, random.
    8 cps of doom by wojoradi >>> Zrt-like track, way not clear, badly built, not intersting.
    Ascellare by buggelsheim >>> Zrt map, random, baddly mapped, abused use of mixmapping.

    /// OK-ish

    Di Cabrio is looking for oscar by muliself228 >>> Looks confused, not much variety. To try, maybe.
    MiniTrial Addiction by OMPhantOM51 >>> Random end, too easy.
    Get Frsh by Flo >>> A bit too easy, a little zrt-ish, but seems an OK trial track after all.
    "[Trial] Left Alone by   Mayuri >>> Bumpy, looks like a first trial mapping attempt.
    Last second of dream by trackmania_bb >>> Looks ok, but CP6 is killing the track, bit random.
    "Makavelic parkouR by   cLM >>> Just roads, but good difficulty, nothing original.
    "Trial - AfterWorld by   waskersk >>> Between Easy/Average to finish, but the poles-jump CP is too chaotic. Main problem is that the difficulty is at this weird spot where you're between too easy for trial and a bit too hard for "hard rpg".
    "Blood Moon by   PLTX >>> Bit challenging, easy in the most parts but still an entry trial-difficulty, diversified cps.
    "Trial - Fast Shot by   waskersk >>> Good little trial, but too easy for a trial.
    "Trial - Ice Cream by   waskersk >>> Even if I don't like some CPs, nicely challenging but not too difficult. (not a clean mapping btw...)
    "Trial - Absolute Insanity by   Nixotica >>> I hesitated to put it in the "GOOD" list, but as some CPs are chaotic it's here, but still seems like a fun map to play.

    /// GOOD

    Alternative Life by Adrijk >>> Looks like a decent trial track, fun, doesn't seems random, not too long, a bit classic. (can't found the track on mx anymore)...
    "Trial - Rigid Routes by   HekkTM >>> Nice little n'short easy trial, nothing really special, mainly roadblocks.
    "Deep Blue by   PLTX & Dodeka >>> Long track with average difficulty, mental required for last cp.
    "District Trial #1 by   zdistrict_ >>> An easy and quite short trial, nothing special or original, just really classic platform stuff, but nice for a quick trial session.
    "_r4re5SC##%&gjR___cbc___tftO+rfNCH4ED by   Taxon >>> It's here because of the originality and quality of the mapping, he took risks, but I really don't like magnets stuff, also can be a bit confusing. Almost dropped' it in the OK list.
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