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Sunday, July 14, 2013 (2741 days ago)
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 9 hours ago
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Discord: Arken.#2646 | Instagram: arkenotm

My mapping achievements
:gold: 1st in MTC February 2020 with   wortex &   Piotrunio / "[mtc] Lagoon's Father"
:silver: 2nd in MTC December 2019 (podium in my first MTC ever) / "mtc | Bouncy Island"

In a free time I'm making screenshots for track thumbnails.
Some of the shots you can also see on my Instagram account.
If you want to have a custom screenshot for your map, hit me on PM here or on Discord.


Featured Map
Style: Tech 
Length: 1 min
Vehicle: CoastCar
WR:  00:54.592
   2 AZ ZyGoTo
 5   19
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