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Location: Home  Blogs  I bet you have never seen mediatracker work like this 
I bet you have never seen mediatracker work like this
I bet you have never seen mediatracker work like t...18 Jul, 2014
  zipperke (1 comments, 775 views)  
Hey people from :tmx:

Listen to this:
Space ships, alien planets, plane crash in midair with a giant ufo.
over 30 custom music files, 40+ images in jpg and png format..
Over 8 different special carskins including: big planes, ufo's, jets, boats, buildings...
Ingame you get special effects explosions, crashing planes, buildings tumbeling over and crashing on the road with broken glass as sound effects..
A little first person shooter where you get the chance to shoot at some alien scum to get access to the GPS
And you all get to do this while a Big Tsunami is chasing you...

A tsunami?

Do i got your attention?

but it's to hot to open united, i'm to lazy, i don't own trackmania united.

My friend lolita made a nice youtube video for me

you can check it here

but for the real action you need united ofcourse.

Full track

Don't forget to download the mediafiles, the locators work but that might take some time to load0
I had lots of fun creating this, and i hope you'll have it too while watching this.

Sorry for the trackspam but i'm kinda proud about my work:$

1 comment(s).
  wormi writes ... 19, Jul, 2014  
Great map indeed, but not best ever. Super geil anyway!
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