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Location: Home  Blogs  Results: Classic Hunt Competition (B-0 to B-9) 
Results: Classic Hunt Competition (B-0 to B-9)
Results: Classic Hunt Competition (B-0 to B-9)27 Jun, 2016
  Nixotica (0 comments, 690 views)  
Welcome to the Classïc Hunt Competition!

This series of maps is inspired by the original Trackmania Nations Solo Campaign. All of the maps will be made using only the blocks that were available in the original Stadium environment. The format that the original campaign had will also be used, in which maps go from 0 to 9, and from A to I (increasing in difficulty).

The player who has the most World Records on this set of 10 maps will receive 5,000 Planets. If multiple players have the same amount of World Records, the reward will be equally be split among the winners. The cutoff for replay submission is July 7th, 10:00pm EDT. I hope you have fun hunting!(y)

Results of B-0 to B-9
Serbi - 6 Records
ben3847 - 1 Record
Nathan - 1 Record
sash4 - 1 Record
Vrba - 1 Records

Congratulations to Serbi for 5,000 Planets!

Results of A-0 to A-9
Doc_Me4ik - 6 Records
LostGamer - 3 Records
Vrba - 1 Record

Congratulations to Doc_Me4ik for 5,000 Planets!

Watch the video of the results of the A-0 to A-9 results HERE.
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