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Trio Cup Results!
Trio Cup Results!24 Sep, 2015
  Nixotica (3 comments, 855 views)  
Trio Cup Results

Thank you to all of the people who submitted times and participated in this cup! I really enjoyed hosting it, and I hope you enjoyed playing it. Now for the results:

1st Place - Clem - 30 Points (!!!)
2nd Place - Clearvision - 20 Points
3rd Place - habichuelo & iemm98 - 16 Points
4th Place - SPEED | KNIGHT - 6 Points

Clem will receive 2000 Planets for his victory.:gold:
Clearvision will receive 1000 Planets for his victory.:silver:
habichuelo & iemm98 tied for 3rd Place, so both will be receiving 500 Planets for their victories.:bronze:
SPEED | KNIGHT did not place for Planets, but I do thank him for participating in this cup.

If you would like to still play these maps, don't worry! Links to them are on the left side of your screen!

Thank you all for participating in this cup, and I hope to see you all in future cups! GG.:cool:
3 comment(s).
  iemm98 writes ... 29, Sep, 2015  
wow thanks for giving us both the planets.:)
and gga
  Knight Jr. writes ... 25, Sep, 2015  
hi nix it is your old buddy sa_templars when i searched for maps and saw nix i checked it out and saw your competition so i entered not my best tho but some planets.(y)
  Clearvision.wp writes ... 24, Sep, 2015  
Nice, I was just about to announce Vision Cup 3.;)
Well definitely compete as it's more fun if there are more players involved!
Good luck!(y)
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